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saving yawning’s feral cat guide

So, there was apparently some excitement on the WoW forums today. Yawning decided to call it quits. However, his goodbye post managed to get him banned, and along with that came the deleting of all his posts and all the content from his feral DPS guide stickied on the forums. While I know I don’t […]

Trees can dance if you want to…

So, 4.0.6 had two incredibly awesome buffs that aren’t really documented anywhere. First, when I got bored in an instance, I shifted into tree and hit /dance. To my surprise, it actually DANCED! Tree form also has an “idle” animation (ie. what tree does while you are not casting): Also, after weeks of flight training, […]

4.0.6 patch is soon – healing guide updated

So, with MMO-champion predicting the release of the 4.0.6 patch on Tuesday, I spent some time this weekend making updates to my Resto healing guide. I put up the new 406 version (draft 1) on my blog site today. It will work fine for the weekend leading up to the patch (or even if it […]

More on 4.0.6 resto talent builds

So, my last resto post seems to have freaked out a few people. First, I would like to say that 4.0.6 only makes things better for resto druids, not worse. Second, if you want to keep whatever talent build you have right now and heal the way that you are healing right now, it will […]