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saving yawning’s feral cat guide

So, there was apparently some excitement on the WoW forums today. Yawning decided to call it quits. However, his goodbye post managed to get him banned, and along with that came the deleting of all his posts and all the content from his feral DPS guide stickied on the forums.

While I know I don’t have a lot of feral readers, I wanted to put a link to a version of his cat DPS guide for people to find until we can either get a new feral cat guide writer on the forums or something happens to fix the situation.

You can now find Yawning’s Feral DPS guide at this google docs link here. Someone else put the guide there, but I wanted to link to it so we can make sure that it’s available for people.

Good bye Yawning, best of luck with whatever adventures are in store for you now that Blizzard has freed up all your time by banning you from the forums. If you ever come back to WoW and want to express yourself, you are welcome to contact me and I’ll post here (or elsewhere) for you.

To the blizzard forum mod squad: You guys really need to find a way to moderate without deleting important stickied information sources.

UPDATE: Maybelle from Stormrage has taken up the responsibility of maintaining the cat druid forum guide

Update 2: You can find Yawning’s goodbye post here.

Update 3: In a twist of fate, it looks like Tangedyn may be taking over the cat guide instead. Glad to see so many people supporting the kitties!

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Trees can dance if you want to…

So, 4.0.6 had two incredibly awesome buffs that aren’t really documented anywhere.

First, when I got bored in an instance, I shifted into tree and hit /dance. To my surprise, it actually DANCED!

Tree form also has an “idle” animation (ie. what tree does while you are not casting):

Also, after weeks of flight training, I’m also happy to report that my baby moonkin pet has taken to the air!

That said, I’m not sure what other animations tree form has or what other goodies may have shown up in 4.0.6.

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4.0.6 patch is soon – healing guide updated

So, with MMO-champion predicting the release of the 4.0.6 patch on Tuesday, I spent some time this weekend making updates to my Resto healing guide. I put up the new 406 version (draft 1) on my blog site today. It will work fine for the weekend leading up to the patch (or even if it gets delayed), since the changes aren’t really that huge.

Highlights of updated Resto guide version:

  • New talent page updated for 4.0.6, revamped to include the 3 template specs discussed a few weeks ago.
  • Clarifications and minor revisions to healing strategies. The lowered rejuv mana cost and increased WG healing (lowered cooldown on WG, too) makes rejuv/WG-style AOE healing easier to do again.
  • Mastery stat buffed such that in most cases, it will be equal to or better than haste (BUT stat choices are still role and gear-dependent such that a tool like Tree Calcs is going to be useful for helping you decide how to gear). For my gearing purposes for moonkin-resto hybrid gear, I’m still going to need to value haste above mastery due to mastery not being as good for moonkin and the amount of AOE healing I do in 25’s…
  • Other fixes and changes in each section of the guide.

Anyway, I wanted to get this done early. I’ll update the forum sticky post either on Monday or Tuesday. I like doing pre-views on my blog before I post the final version on the forums. I’ll  probably do some minor edits to the blog version over the course of the week once we see the final version of the patch (and whatever hot-fixes happen after the patch, lol).

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More on 4.0.6 resto talent builds

So, my last resto post seems to have freaked out a few people. First, I would like to say that 4.0.6 only makes things better for resto druids, not worse. Second, if you want to keep whatever talent build you have right now and heal the way that you are healing right now, it will (more than likely) be a viable healing strategy in the next patch. So, there is really nothing to freak out about.

That said, my last post was mostly to bring up concern over the talent tree design, and to see how people were going to cope with our talent tree not being designed in a very logical way. It looks to me like about half of the resto druids will be keeping Efflorescence, and the other half will likely drop it. The people dropping efflorescence are more likely to be 10-man raiders and 5-man dungeon specs, whereas people running 25’s seem more likely to be picking up efflorescence.

What drives me absolutely crazy is that not everyone can pick up a talent that I feel should be “mandatory”, but it is my own personal crusade to make the resto talent tree more logical, and trying to get the choices to be less painful, rather than something that an average player would need to worry about.

That said, I see three main talent build strategies emerging lately. The first two are what I posted in my last thread, but the third is dropping moonglow from their builds and keeping Efflorescence:

Since it doesn’t look like today’s patch day, we still probably have another week for things to change on us, or for more time to figure out optimal talent builds. The above talent builds make it look like I have something against Blessing of the Grove. If you guessed that, then I’d like to say that it’s mostly my frustration with how little you get out of those 2 talent points compared to what you get for putting points in Imp Rejuv.

That said, I can’t really say which of the 3 talent point strategies is “best”, since it will ultimately come down to a few questions:

  • How bad are your mana problems after the 4.0.6 patch? If  you consistently end the fight low on mana (or run OOM before a fight ends), keep moonglow and other mana-related talents. If you don’t have mana problems, then dropping moonglow  (or going without Malfurion’s Gift) could spare points for you to put other places. At our current gear level, people will generally need the mana-focused talents.
  • How much do you get assigned to AOE/raid healing? If you AOE/raid heal a lot, especially in 25-mans, you will want to keep efflorescence. If all you ever do is tank heal, efflorescence becomes less desirable, and allows you to drop it in favor of other talents.
  • Cleanse magic? For 5-mans and 10-mans, being able to cleanse magic is important, but could be less important in 25-mans if you discuss it with your other guild healers and they agree that you can drop the Nature’s Cure talent.
  • What talents do you seem to be benefitting from? For example, you may not want Nature’s Grace if you never use Regrowth to proc it, but if you use regrowth to proc NG, then NG becomes a good talent. If you are horrible at using OOC procs before the buff falls off, then you get less use out of Malfurion’s Gift.
  • You might not actually need all 3 points in Nature’s Bounty if you don’t use much Regrowth or Nourish in your raid healing strategy (ie. maybe 2 points there would work better for your preferred build).
  • Maybe Gift of the Earthmother won’t benefit you as much after the patch, so you won’t feel the need to max out the points there (though I do like the instant rejuv tick for raid healing, if you are assigned to tank healing and don’t let LB bloom all that often, the talent becomes less desirable).

So, there still do seem to be options, based on whether you are assigned to tank or raid healing, and depending on how your exact healing strategy works out. However, those options are about trying to get as many of the “mandatory” talents as possible, and only dropping points from the mandatory talents that you benefit from the least. How could they fix it? Well, the easiest solution would be to un-link Living Seed and efflorescence so that Living Seed can become an optional talent to allow people to make talent builds that pick up all the “mandatory” talents and actually have more flexibility in getting Efflorescence without living seed.

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