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Wild Growth – Pains and workaround

It looks like a lot of healers use “mouseover” mods and/or macros for healing. The new wild growth bug is making it harder for some druids to adjust to their new healing strategies. GC addressed the issue here, saying: This problem does not seem to be universal. Is anyone having it without using mouseover macros? […]

Healing update: Ulduar observations & nourish idol

So, with my guild, I’ve been healing Ulduar (25-man and 10-man versions) this week. We haven’t spent a lot of time there, but it’s given me an opportunity to play with my healing spells. Our 25-man was banging our heads against the bugged version of Ingis (before the hotfix, while still dealing with bad server […]

Where are the new glyphs?

This is actually a question I don’t have an answer to. I spent a lot of time during the PTR testing playing with the new glyphs (which they had made available on the special PTR vendor). Then, a few days ago, patch 3.1 hit the live servers. Since then, I have yet to see either […]

Blizzard unlearned druid talent points this morning.

So, last night I got all my new talents up and running. I gemmed my moonkin hit set. I spent time flopping back and forth between tree form and moonkin form. I was a happy little restokin. Then, I logged in this morning and saw: Nothing. It looks like Blizzard unlearned all of the druid […]