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Preview your talents before you finalize!

For anyone level 80, putting a talent point in the wrong spot sucks if you have to spend 50 gold just because you clicked the wrong thing.

So, you really want to find the new “preview talent changes” option.

To find it, go to: Options -> Interface -> Display -> Preview talent changes (right lower part of that menu).    The menu looks like this:

preview talent changes feature

This means that you can enter in talents, remove them, and then finalize them once you are 100% sure. No more oopsies! (also, the screenshot is my UI in pre-addon state. Working on getting it all downloaded & fixed).

Also, you don’t need to be at a lexicon of power to learn your new glyphs for your second spec.

Dual specializations can be learned at the druid trainer and they are 1,000 gold. Once you finalize your 2 specs, you still have to go back to the trainer if you want to change either of the two specs to something new (you can, however, swap back and forth between the two “dual specs” as often as you’d like). The feature should save a lot of gold for people in the long run…

Also, we had a ton of druids on Elune all learning their new talents in moonglade. Go druids!


Also, since the equipment manager feature did NOT go live, we’ll have to download the outfitter addon for now (which DID get updated for 3.1)…

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Blizzard updates from forums (added Eclipse post)

UPDATE: I found a post about GC on Eclipse, so I’m adding it to this one. I’m not sure how I missed this earlier:

There are plenty of cases where a class or spec gets a huge benefit out of getting a good random number at just the right time, whether’s it for a crit or something else. As long as crits are a chance (and they almost always are), they’re going to contribute a lot to your dps. We aren’t necessary trying to reduce the effects of random elements in the game. We are trying to reduce the effects where a single roll often changes the outcome. This happened for example in Arena matches where someone got a lucky stun or an unlucky dispel.

Can someone post reasonable numbers for high and low Balance dps on similar fights where the main difference between the two are getting lucky with Eclipse or not? What kind of discrepancy do you really think we are talking about here? 200 dps? 800 dps?

Anyone have actual WWS reports showing huge discrepancies in your damage based on random Eclipse procs & other such things? Please go post EVIDENCE in the official DD forum thread (please don’t just make up numbers).


If 3.1 comes out tomorrow, I’ll spend most of Tuesday re-doing things like all the links in all my guides that will break. I wanted to make a mostly non-druid related post on a couple of topics that are worth talking about.

First, they’ve banned all that annoying casino spam (again).

We’ve heard you, and the results are clear: Casino Advertisements are not welcome at all, and they impede your enjoyment of the World of Warcraft. In response to your feedback, we would like to inform our players that as of April 20th, 2009 (this date may be subject to change) any advertising for a casino is not permitted.

So, if you’ve been running a casino, or know someone running one… it’s time to stop spamming chat channels. It’s not like we didn’t all see it coming. Personally, I think they do more harm than good. I just wanted to give you a heads’ up before people start getting into trouble for it.


On a positive note, Blizzard implemented their own blue tracker. This means it’s easier for me to stalk Ghostcrawler…  I mean… it’s easier to see if new Blue posts have shown up on the forums (well, if the feature is working right). If you want to find specific posts, it’s still going to be easier to use MMO-champion or one of the sites that actually labels and sorts everything.


IF 3.1 comes out tomorrow, I’ll spend most of the evening getting all the links in all my guides updated. If it doesn’t come out until next week, then I’ll have other stuff planned to post for a week while we wait.

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Possible feral (bear & cat) builds for 3.1


This weekend, I’m planning to work on the update for the feral section of my leveling guide for the 3.1 patch. However, before I sit down and work on the leveling build, I wanted to take a look at cat, bear, & feral PvP builds that could be useful to think about when planning out what we are likely doing for feral dual specs at level 80.

So, Lavata and I came up with what we think is likely to be the most reasonable PvE and PvP specs for ferals in 3.1. These are still preliminary specs. I welcome feedback and discussion, so that I can further shape these specs as we get closer to the 3.1 release. Also, I consider the following three specs to be level 80 end-game builds, and not necessarily the best for leveling if you don’t have access to the dual-spec system.

The bear spec would look something like this.

This seems to be a standard 0/60/11 tanking build. I picked the Frenzied regen, Maul, & savage roar glyphs for this tanking spec. If you aren’t relying on Furor that much, you can shift 2 points into Improved Mark for the 2% stat increase.

The cat spec would look something like this.

This is another 0/60/11 build, but now for cat damage dealing. I picked the shred, mangle, & savage roar glyphs for this DPS spec.

The PvP spec was a little bit harder to put together, however the PvP spec could look something like this.

For the 0/55/16 PvP build, I tried to pick up mostly damage dealing with some survivability & reduced mana shapeshifting costs. The glyphs I went with were: barkskin, savage roar, & shred for the PvP spec. There are likely other PvP specs that would be good (with either more or less points in resto). I can probably work on a few other possible pvp specs at some point.

This is what I have worked out so far. Again, these are preliminary and I welcome feedback (and, what specs you end up with will likely be different than these above “guidelines”).

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These purples do me no good… nothing like an orange legendary would!

Orange is the new purple

So, at this point, everyone knows that there is a new legendary mace coming in patch 3.1.

*starts singing* These purples do me no F*ing good, nothing like an orange legendary would. I smell a g-kick! I’m your basic druid looking for a guild… 55 purples good with any build!

Every time I hear news about the new legendary mace, the purple druid song gets stuck in my head.

I’ll probably never actually get one. However, I’d like to take a look at it. MMO-champion put up a whole page talking about the orange lewt of healing.

Er… I mean… Val’anyr – Hammer of the Ancient Kings

The quest to get the weapon can be completed by paladins, priests, shaman, and druids.

We don’t even have the actual stats for it, but because it’s oragnge, everyone wants one. Even my guild, still working on Sarth 2-drakes, is talking about how to decide who gets it.

Averna from Nerf this Druid spent some time talking about this new weapon recently.

For my guild, I think the pieces will just end up going to one of the few healers who are actually in our guild, since we run a mostly pug group. However, I don’t actually expect my guild to have someone running around with that mace very soon after Ulduar comes out or anything… but I’m still expecting it to be something that the officers have to spend time talking to everyone about, having meetings over, and dealing with anyone that gets grumpy about it… just because orange is always better than purple!

All guilds will still have to deal with who they will give the pieces to, as spreading out the pieces between all the healers will just really prevent anyone from actually seeing it. In the end, there have been legendaries in the game in previous raid instances. I remember one around for the original Naxx & AQ40 that was built about the same way as this one. Just remember to not get upset over loot. In the end, you’ll replace it with something better at some point. So, please don’t be hard on your poor guild officers, try to be understanding, and go with whatever they decide for how to prioritize the legendary lewts.

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