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What is a good 3.1 solo moonkin build, for primary resto druids?

Here’s the first Q&A I’m going to post. I would have eventually gotten around to doing this, but I wanted to give Jwgacy of Trollbane credit for asking me. I tried to find some detailed information on if the PvE non-raiding spec for Balance is viable for farming/doing dailies. Like you, I plan on going […]

New non-combat pets of interest for druids in 3.1

For quite some time, you have been able to buy cat pets for a long time to follow you around in cat/travel form. WoW’s anniversary pet gave us a white bear, and now we get more non-combat pets in 3.1 that are similar in style to our shapeshift forms! New in 3.1 are tree pets […]

Healing guide update – Page 6 added!

I’m back into the swing of things already, and have a pretty quick healing guide update. I added on page 6 of my healing guide.  I’m putting it up on my blog before releasing it to the live forums, since I should reward you guys for actually reading my site. As usual, feel free to […]

Recent updates for 3.1 patch – what's new for druids?

I usually post up recent developments in patches. Since Daisil can’t cover for me this weekend due to RL stuff (and I came back to my hotel pretty early today), I wanted to briefly touch on some recent developments related to druids that have been announced in the last few days. Blizzard’s Equipment manager NOT […]