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What is a good 3.1 solo moonkin build, for primary resto druids?

Here’s the first Q&A I’m going to post. I would have eventually gotten around to doing this, but I wanted to give Jwgacy of Trollbane credit for asking me. 🙂

I tried to find some detailed information on if the PvE non-raiding spec for Balance is viable for farming/doing dailies. Like you, I plan on going Resto/Balance with dual spec, and since I’ve never actually played as a Balance Druid, I’m honestly a bit “out of my league”. I was hoping that it would make a good base spec for me to play with and tweak to my soon to be evolving Moonkin playstyle.

Jwgacy – Trollbane

Okay! So, here goes! With 3.1 coming out, you could pick up a “solo” moonkin build. This means that your focus could be around wanting to do decent single-target and AOE damage. So, in this solo build, you would want to pick up every AOE talent available to you.  For the build, I picked 3 glyphs for the AOE-grinding spec: Glyph of insect swarm, glyph of starfall, and glyph of focus. Glyph of starfall & focus gives you more damage for starfall & a shorter cooldown (focus will also make it less likely for you to pull the entire zone). For an AOE grinding set, moonfire & starfire glyphs aren’t that great, since you’d want moonfire as a “finishing” instant move. This would be my Non-Eclipse solo build.

If you plan on doing 5-mans and soloing, you need something more closely resembling a raiding build. So, dropping some AOE grinding talents in favor of more single-target damage talents, and an appropriate glyph set for instancing (maximizing your single-target instead of AOE damage).  This would be my Eclipse solo build.

Both builds pick up intensity instead of dreamstate, since you’ll get better use out of the spirit regen on your resto gear (and stopping to drink is still annoying).

For anyone using Eclipse for instancing, you want to pick up the Squawk and Awe addon. It’s the best addon for moonkin ever.

I have different builds I recommend for leveling and for raiding, but these are probably the best for a primary resto druid who just wants a “fun” build to play with while completing things like daily quests.

If you have questions about anything druid related, feel free to ask: lissanna70 (at)

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New non-combat pets of interest for druids in 3.1

For quite some time, you have been able to buy cat pets for a long time to follow you around in cat/travel form. WoW’s anniversary pet gave us a white bear, and now we get more non-combat pets in 3.1 that are similar in style to our shapeshift forms!

New in 3.1 are tree pets and bear pets announced by MMO-champion! For only 40 Champion Seal’s (each), you can have your own pet to match 2 of our shapeshifting forms (still no moonkin pet, though). As of now, it looks like both of these may only be Alliance-side pets, but that they are not currently marked as be BOP, so the horde should be able to buy them off the neutral AH.

The tree form pet is a Teldrassil Sproutling:

teldrassil sproutling

The bear form pet is a baby bear cub:

dun morogh cub

Aren’t they cute?

Also, for moonkin, there may be a plump turkey pet, but I’m not sure where it comes from yet. Not the same as a mini-moonkin… perhaps an owl or one of the other bird pets fits the form matching description better?

There is also a crab pet, if you want a mini-ghostcrawler to follow you around, available from fishing quests… Dang, now I have to learn how to fish.

My goal for this week is to also make sure I have all the dual-spec guides (for leveling or max level) all ready to go for the new patch. At the very least, the patch is probably not coming out tomorrow, which gives us some extra time to prepare for it.

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Healing guide update – Page 6 added!

I’m back into the swing of things already, and have a pretty quick healing guide update.


I added on page 6 of my healing guide.  I’m putting it up on my blog before releasing it to the live forums, since I should reward you guys for actually reading my site. 🙂

As usual, feel free to leave feedback on it in this post and I can update things as needed.

This new page includes information on set bonuses and the idol/relics available to PvE healing druids in 3.1. Keep in mind that I’m trying to cater to people who may OR may not have access to 25-man Ulduar, so I’m trying to be more fair and practical in my assessment of the set bonuses. With the relic system, there appears to pretty much be a complete lack of choices.

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Recent updates for 3.1 patch – what’s new for druids?

I usually post up recent developments in patches. Since Daisil can’t cover for me this weekend due to RL stuff (and I came back to my hotel pretty early today), I wanted to briefly touch on some recent developments related to druids that have been announced in the last few days.

  1. Blizzard’s Equipment manager NOT going live in 3.1. It looks like there were too many bugs that didn’t get worked out on time, which is a bummer. We’ll have to keep using whatever equipment mods are available until Blizzard decides to actually release it.
  2. Survival instincts talent cooldown lowered from 5 minutes to 3 minutes (according to MMO-champion). This means you’ll usually be able to use it more than once a boss fight.
  3. Glyph of survival instincts will also increase the effect of SI by 15% of your maximum health (according to MMO-champion). That’s up from the 10% I remember reporting a while back. 🙂
  4. Flask of stoneblood – Almost double the amount of health it gave before (new one is 1300 health).

The combined effects of the Survival Instincts and flask changes will actually help alleviate some of the effects of the stamina nerf that’s going in for the 10% stam lost from Heart of the Wild in 3.1.

My boyfriend (who plays Lavata on Elune) may be posting something tomorrow (Saturday) on tanking since I probably won’t have posting time. He plays feral more often than I do, anyway, so I’m sure he’ll have interesting perspectives to talk about.


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