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Moonkin’s balance of power tooltip wrong

Patch 3.2 changed how the balance of power talent works for moonkin. However, it only changed the 4% to be missed with spells to be a flat 6% damage reduction.

Right now, the tooltip is wrong, and reads: Increases your chance to hit with all spells and reduces the damage taken by all spells by 3% / 6%.

It should read: Increases your chance to hit with all spells by 2% / 4%, and reduces the damage taken by all spells by 3% / 6%.

All the testing on the PTR showed that it was still giving 4% +hit and not 6% +hit. So, we shouldn’t be dropping hit from our gear for 3.2. We still haven’t heard official word about the tooltip bug, but the moonkin community is fairly convinced that it’s just a tooltip bug, which doesn’t reflect what the talent is actually doing.

I have seen a lot of people being confused about this, with new posts asking the same question popping up more and more over the last couple days. It’s just a tooltip bug. 🙁

UPDATE: We got blue poast! GC clarified it:

Okay, I see the problem here. The tooltip says “Increases your chance to hit with all spells and reduces the damage taken by all spells by 6%.”

This can be interpreted two ways:  Increases your chance to hit. Also reduces damage taken by 6%.

Or  Increases your chance to hit by 6% and reduces damage taken by 6%.

Back when both numbers were 4%, the distinction didn’t matter. However, the first one is correct. We only changed the defensive part of the talent to reduce damage taken rather than reduce chance to be hit.

We need to change the tooltip to “Increases your chance to hit with all spells by 4% and reduces the damage taken by all spells by 6%.”

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Unexpected 3.2 change – HOT overheal

So, Maor of Thorium Brotherhood brought an important development to my attention: HOT 100% overheals show up in the combat log. So, all the HOT ticks on people at full health are able to be measured and recorded. I have 2 picture examples from me healing myself between Yogg attempts Thursday night. I was moonkin spec at the time, which is why the values look lower than they would in my healing spec. However, I wanted to get this out to you guys, since I haven’t seen reports of it anywhere yet. It’s possible that I’m just the last one to figure this out, but I wanted to share, anyway.

lifebloom overheals

rejuv overheals

What this means: If recount & other meters are catching this, it means that our over-healing on meters should be skyrocketing if it isn’t already. However, it’s technically the same amount of overheal we’ve always done, but the meters have never been able to capture it, so it shouldn’t really impact our healing styles.

The legendary mace proc should interact better with our healing spells. In the short-term, I’m betting that this is what drove them to put our over heals showing up visibly in our normal combat log. In the long term, it really gives us a better idea of the healing potential from the HOTs that is being wasted, since a lot of people just assume we have low overhealing and forget about the problems of HOT overhealing not show up.

It also means that I don’t have to jump off cliffs anymore to test the power of our HOT healing spells (which is an awesome change for me, lol). The overhealing ticks aren’t getting captured by my scrolling combat addon (I use Mik scrolling battle text), so I didn’t notice a change yesterday. However, if they’re in the combat log, then addons will be able to do stuff with that information in the future if they aren’t working with it already.

UPDATE: This change seems to be intentional, according to the post GC put on the healing forums:

We managed to get in a hotfix today that allows periodic healing ticks that were going to overheal entirely to go ahead and fire. Previously they did not fire. This means that effects that were able to proc from HoT ticks that did some healing can now also proc from HoT ticks that overheal completely. The most notable such effect is that Val’anyr’s absorb shield should now work as advertised. All these ticks should now appear in the combat log as well, allowing you to get a fuller sense of your raw healing output from all sources.

Sorry that we did not comment before now. Given the nature of the bug, we didn’t want to promise anything until we were sure we could fix it.

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Some servers up, others still down…

So, I could log onto my level 50 druid on Mal’Ganis (Monawe), but I can’t log into my 80 on Elune yet. I visited the barber shop to get a new color update.

There’s also a picture of the dance party I started on Gadget with some horde & a NE druid when I first logged into the Mal’Ganis server with my tauren druid.

UPDATE: Most of the realms should be up as of late Tuesday. Not sure if they’ll crash again or not. Dalaran has been pretty laggy on Elune, though.

Barber Shop skin color change

Dance party

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Patch day!!!

Okay, so Blizzard decided to give me a huge birthday present (and I was so excited that I spelled “patch” wrong in the title). I’m updating this thread over the course of the day with all my 3.2 stuff (most of which I have ready to go). So, if you check back later, there will probably be more as I collect all the patch day info.

  • Here’s the post where I wrote about 3.2 resto specs. There are a couple builds here where I recommended ways to drop talents to pick up the new (improved) Empowered touch talent. Blizzard wants us to be using nourish a little more, and a 20% healing increase on an already powerful spell is probably worth listening to.
  • Travel form is trainable at level 16 instead of 20. Low level druids should visit their friendly trainer for a special surprise. Regular flying form is also available now at 60 instead of 68 (and there’s all sorts of regular mount changes, too!).
  • The feral DPS changes in the patch notes look like a big deal, but they shouldn’t be more than a couple percent reduction (with some estimates as low as 1 to 3% decrease).
  • I changed the moonkin leveling strategy a bit, but haven’t yet changed the feral one.
  • Innervate is changing again (on a 3 minute cooldown for half the mana, instead of a 6 minute cooldown). With the changes to replenishment, you will want to use it earlier in the fight so that you can get off at least two when you need it. It also means that you can use it on someone else and yourself in the same fight if you time it right, too.

Additional resources (why repeat them if I can link them?):

I’m going to work on expanding this a little more over the day as I can.

Cat barber shop

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