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Moonkin’s balance of power tooltip wrong

Patch 3.2 changed how the balance of power talent works for moonkin. However, it only changed the 4% to be missed with spells to be a flat 6% damage reduction. Right now, the tooltip is wrong, and reads: Increases your chance to hit with all spells and reduces the damage taken by all spells by […]

Unexpected 3.2 change – HOT overheal

So, Maor of Thorium Brotherhood brought an important development to my attention: HOT 100% overheals show up in the combat log. So, all the HOT ticks on people at full health are able to be measured and recorded. I have 2 picture examples from me healing myself between Yogg attempts Thursday night. I was moonkin […]

Some servers up, others still down…

So, I could log onto my level 50 druid on Mal’Ganis (Monawe), but I can’t log into my 80 on Elune yet. I visited the barber shop to get a new color update. There’s also a picture of the dance party I started on Gadget with some horde & a NE druid when I first […]