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New 3.2 Argent Tournamen quests: I need more reputation!

Okay, so I was a little bit of a slacker on getting reputations with the alliance reps (you know, Darnassus, Ironforge, Exodar, etc). Right now, I’m only exalted with Stormwind, which I got after I finished a couple hours ago. I’m less than half way through revered with Gnomeregan.  My other reputations are all in the revered range, even though I’ve been working for a couple weeks to get them up.

To prepare for patch 3.2, I’ve been working diligently on the Argent Tournament quests, and I’m continuing to grind the Exodar tournament daily quests for the reputation and gold, even though I have enough badges to be done with all the factions by now. Why won’t I turn them in yet? Well, first, that would cheat me out of extra gold, and second… I need to keep grinding for reputation. Here’s why:

The new tournament rewards require: the title of Crusader.

These new rewards are the heirloom items, and the upgraded squires (with access to the bank, mailbox, & vendors). You also get access to new dailies that reward Champion’s Seals.

What do you have to do to get the title of Crusader? You have to complete the Exalted Argent Champion achievement for either the alliance or the horde.

This means you have to not only be able to represent all of your faction’s reputations in battle, but you also have to have exalted faction with all of those reputations. This also requires exalted with the Argent Crusade. The other set of quests & rewards requires exalted with either the Sunreavers or the Silver Covenant. If you are already exalted with everything, you are welcome to laugh at me now. However, if you are in my boat, keep reading on what you can do to catch up!

BRD cloth farming

So, if the dalies aren’t going to get you to exalted with your faction’s reputations fast enough before 3.2 comes out, what should you do?

  1. Everyone I’ve complained to about my reputation status has recommended going back and doing the starter zone quests with my level 80 character, especially for the Draeni or Blood Elf starting area (depending on your faction). They made it such that you get the FULL amount of reputation, even at level 80. You’ll need to turn on “show low level quests” for your mini map to find them. I took their advice, and actually found an amazing reputation return for the low amount of work the quests required. Start with the level 1 quests (in Ammen vale’s crash site for Exodar) and work your way up from there – even the very lowest level quests were giving about 250 rep a pop even at level 80. You can do any of the faction’s starter quests. Also, Exodar quests give rep with all the other Alliance factions!
  2. There are cloth turn-ins in every major city. They start with wool, then silk, mageweave, and finally runecloth. The initial turn in quests require 60 of each of these cloth types, and reward 350 faction. After completing those quests, you can only turn in Runecloth (so check before you start buying up the various cloth types). At one stack for 75 rep a piece for the “Additional Runecloth” quest means you should work on getting runecloth now while you still can by buy it off the Auction house for a reasonable price. You can also farm things like lower level instances (with a full Blackrock Depths clear giving a little over a thousand rep worth of cloth stacks).
  3. Keep doing the daily tournament quests to get faction with reputations until 3.2 comes out or you hit Exalted…
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Get there faster!

So, there have been a couple additional travel improvements in recent patch updates on the PTR.

First, the one that druids should be the most excited about:

Swift Flight Form: Druids who have acquired a mount able to go 310% flight speed will now also go that speed while in this form.

I would be excited about this, except that I don’t have a 310% flight speed mount, and I probably won’t have one any time soon. However, it improves my motivation level towards getting one. When you want to fly around as an instant-cast bird all day, the motivation to get different flying mounts is usually low for me.

Second, the one I’m actually more excited about:

Tome of Cold Weather Flying: New heirloom item. Players who have reached level 80 can now purchase this book for 1,000 gold from Hira Snowdawn, the Cold Weather Flying Trainer in Dalaran. Similar to other heirloom items, this item can be mailed to other characters of the same realm, account and faction. The book is consumed when read training the character in Cold Weather Flying. Requires level 68.

This means that my level 73 shaman (that’s mostly abandoned and neglected) can fly around to farm herbs in zones that I’m not likely to die horribly to high level mobs.  I should still level up higher to get the herbs I need for flasks and such, but then leveling up my shaman will be so much easier because getting around is faster. I really just don’t care about running around on ground mounts anymore, and the push to 77 to get access to my epic flying speed on that character just hasn’t gotten me to level very far at all. Since this change requires you to already have one level 80 character on your account, it’s really pretty fair. Once you have done the whole process, you get rewarded so that your alts can fly sooner. There is really nothing wrong with this at all. I think being able to travel faster makes the game more fun once the content isn’t really all that new to you.

One thing that all these travel improvements do is make it harder for them to force us to run around on ground mounts when the next expansion comes out. Most people are now going to be used to flying everywhere since level 60.

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3.2 PTR update changes set bonuses & feral talents

Set bonus changes (again!):

Druid T9 Feral 2P Bonus – Decreases the cooldown on your Growl ability by 2 sec, increases the periodic damage done by your Lacerate ability by 5%, and increases the duration of your Rake ability by 3 sec.
Druid T9 Balance 4P Bonus (Starfire) – Increases the damage done by your Starfire and Wrath spells by 4%.

With how bad people said that the moonkin was, I’m not all that surprised to see it change. It’s now increasing damage, but not crit. It should, overall, increase damage enough that the stat bonuses on the T9 pieces should be enough to at least make it worth investing in the new gear (I hope!).  Who knows if these set bonuses will go live. I’m really surprised that the set bonuses for classes keep changing. Usually, we just get whatever they give to us regardless of the amount of QQ about them. Graylo now has a new post up about the new bonuses.

Feral talent & ability changes:

  • Savage Roar is now only usable in Cat Form.

Means that you can’t gain the buff from it and then switch into bear form? Kind of a bummer. The druid forums are making a pretty big deal out of it, but I don’t think they ever really meant it to work in bear form in the first place.

  • Enrage now generates 20 rage instantly and generates an additional 10 rage over 10 sec.

They front-loaded 20 energy (instead of the old version which just ticked for 20 energy over 10 seconds), and then gives us an extra 10 energy that ticks over the 10 second duration. So, it’s more rage… and more rage sooner.

  • King of the Jungle has an additional effect –  In addition, the mana cost of Bear Form, Cat Form, and Dire Bear Form is reduced by 20/40/60%.

When I first saw this, I thought “huh that’s neat, but seems redundant” but then I saw…

  • Primal Tenacity no longer reduces the mana cost of Bear Form, Cat Form, and Dire Bear Form.

So, it looks like they might have just moved the same effect to another location in the tree without changing how the mana reduction works. The best I can figure out, they probably just moved it off primal tenacity so that it could confuse everyone for no reason. Maybe they want to add something else to primal tenacity later that didn’t make it into the build, or maybe they wanted to put the mana cost reduction on something people picked up for PvE. Whatever their reasons, it looks like the change is more good than it is bad.

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A preliminary look at resto healing builds in 3.2

So, I have seen some questions pop up on the WoW forums about how people will (or won’t) pick up Empowered Touch to buff nourish an extra 20% next patch.

I also see people trying to take points out of the wrong talents to get it for their PvE builds.

There is a set of talents I like to think of as the “tank healing” talents, that are a package deal for healing with nourish.

These direct-healing Nourish talents include:

  • Living seed
  • Nature’s grace
  • Nature’s Bounty

If you are picking up the empowered touch talent to buff your nourish, then you want to have all 3 of these talents to make healing with nourish worthwhile. If you don’t think this set of talents is worthwhile, then you probably don’t need to buff nourish in the first place.

Talents that you can take points out of to pick up empowered touch for tank healing:

  • Revitalize
  • natural perfection
  • tranquil spirit (we have a bunch of other mana reducing talents, so it’s not that big of a deal to take 2 points out of this)
  • Improved tranquility
  • Celestial focus (Even now, you really don’t need to go that far into the balance tree just for 3% haste).

A “cookie cutter” tank healing build in 3.2 (with 2 points that you can spend wherever you want) can look like this.

My 3.2 build would look something like this, where I put those 2 points in Tranquil Spirit.

A more raid-healing centered build may pick up things like Revitalize. In this case, it’s a little harder to figure out where you would want to drop points. However, at that point, if you aren’t really using nourish much in the first place, it doesn’t matter where you pull that third point from. Personally, I just don’t grab revitalize.  You could do it with 2 points in revitalize like this.

If your 3 points in revitalize aren’t negotiable, you may be taking a point out of living seed to get it, ending up with a build more like this. I’d personally just go with the 2 points in revitalize, since I don’t like leaving talents with a 66% chance to work (and thus a chance to not work. I’d go with one of the other builds, personally. Or, you can just keep whatever talent spec you have now and ignore the new talent (then again, the new talent makes nourish more worthwhile to use as a raid heal without HOTs, so I think even for a non-tank healing build, it’s going to be a worthwhile talent). If you have a large amount of haste rating (between 400 & 500), you could also take the point out of Nature’s Grace.

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