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Real ID: Do you trust the friends of your friends?

So, today is patch day. This patch has a lot of neat features (like the Ruby Sanctum raid). One of these upcoming features is the Real ID system.  This system is designed to blend your “real life” with game life to a somewhat uncomfortable facebook-stalker level. When the Real ID system was first announced, I […]

How has ICC changed your healing style?

So, I haven’t updated my healing guide until before ICC came out. So, I was wondering – has your healing style changed since ICC came out? During my Druid Healing Survey back in December, people generally responded that: They HOT the tanks and then raid heal Rejuv was the most commonly used spell (with wild […]

Moonkin in 3.3.3: To dot… or not to dot.

Okay, so now that 3.3.3 is getting closer to release, we have more details about what moonkin PvE will look like “soon.” However, this is still subject to change. One big looming question that a lot of high-end moonkin are struggling with is when to cast dots, or when to not cast them. The buffs […]