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TN Roundtable recording available now!

Hey guys, I ended up on the Twisted Nether Podcast Roundtable last week with Mike Schramm & Greyseer (and of course, Nib & Fim as usual). The recording is now up, so if you missed it, you can now listen to the recording at your leisure. Think of it as an early Christmas present from […]

The calm between storms

We had a fury of 3.3 information get released a couple weeks ago, but the “new” has just about run out with what has been released. I already see a ton of PUG pets running around. Most people have had a chance to see the new raid dungeons, or 5-mans (depending on their style of […]

Sarufang 25 Strat for My Conspiracy guildies

So, my guild killed Sarufang fine with two 10-man groups over the weekend, but we never got a night of attempts last week because of disconnect problems and other things that pretty much wiped out the equivalent of a whole night of raiding. So, today was our first attempt on 25-man. We had about 15 […]