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Icecrown Citadel: First impressions

Conspiracy got down the first three bosses in Icecrown Citadel this week. Since we only spend 2 days on 25-mans, and Wednesday was really hard because of multiple healer DC problems, we had a slightly shorter raid week than we were expecting. I also got to go moonkin most of the time, since we had […]

Blog 3.3 healing guide now updated!

This is what you have all been waiting for – The comprehensive guide on how to heal as a resto druid in patch 3.3! Here is the table of contents. What I changed… EVERYTHING! I brought the raid healing strategies up to the current version of what people are doing, based on the feedback I […]

3.3 – new dungeon & raid tool (and more!)

Before I start posting my new healing guide, I wanted to briefly go over how you will find PUGs starting today. I ALSO wanted to point out that I talked earlier about leveling improvements for very low level players. (I start working on patch day stuff long before patch day!). The new LFG tool: I […]

Patch 3.3 changes – Druid Roundup

There are lots of druid changes in 3.3 (mostly for resto & some for moonkin, only a couple for feral). First, here are the druid-related patch notes AND what they mean to you. After I teach this morning, I’m coming home and spending the rest of the day working on outlining other info you’ll need […]