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Tank leveling spec updated

So, when I got my leveling guide ready for 4.0.1, it wasn’t complete. I didn’t have a tank leveling build ready to go on release date. Since then, I’ve gotten tank leveling questions from multiple people. So, over the weekend, I finally got together the tank leveling talent spec and posted it on the blog. I also posted the tank talents on the forum version of the guide.

I still have a lot more work to do for the leveling guide, for sure.

One piece of advice I am getting from low-level druids is that thorns is doing a lot of damage right now for balance-spec (caster) druids when things are hitting you.  Thorns is a spell you learn at level 6. So, if you are leveling up a druid right now, remember that thorns will do a lot of damage to something that is beating up on you with melee damage. You can’t cast thorns in bear or cat form, BUT you could potentially cast it on yourself before you pull when you are soloing (though note that it doesn’t last very long). Thanks to all the druids who contacted me to let me know how good thorns is now!

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4.0.1 FAQ for Resto & moonkin druids

General druid Q:

Q. What’s up with Rebirth?

  • A. The cooldown for rebirth is 30 minutes, up from 10 minutes. In addition, only one druid can use it per fight (ie. it “shares a cooldown” but will usually let your second druid res someone on the next fight after you’ve dropped combat). This is not likely a bug (well, except that there are some bugs associated with it where some bosses may still let you res more than 1 person), and you can no longer rely on being able to stack druids to resurrect 3 or 4 people per boss-fight the way that some of my previous guilds have done. Use battle reses more strategically, rather than just resing the first person who dies every fight.

Resto druid Q’s

Q. What is the new haste soft-cap I should hit for resto?

  • A.  Since they changed how our HOTs scale with haste, we have a new number of haste that we want to try and achieve. This new haste soft-cap is 1015 haste, which gives you an extra tick of rejuv with full raid buffs (37.5%). More info on the haste scaling with HOTs can be found here. This number of haste won’t put your GCD at 1 second, but it is the number you should try to be above this number if possible.

Q. Is resto healing still good?

  • A. Yes, resto healers are perhaps the strongest tank healers right now, and we’re still viable raid healers, as well. While our rejuv numbers may look lower than before, all of our HOTs can now crit AND scale with haste. So, each non-crit tick may look lower, but the numbers come out about the same as before in the end (especially with the mastery bonus). All the other healing classes received similar changes/nerfs to their primary healing spells, such that their numbers aren’t likely any higher than ours. Our direct heals are also more powerful than they were before

Q. Am I supposed to just spam nourish now? It’s cast time is so long!

  • A. No, you are not supposed to spam nourish at level 80. Your rejuv should still heal for enough that it should be a viable spell to use while healing. Try to use rejuv on people who have taken damage to benefit from the instant talented heal. Regrowth replaces nourish as your direct heal. You shouldn’t need to rely on nourish in ICC. Instead, focus on using rejuv, regrowth, swiftmend (with efflorescence procs), wild growth, and your Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch macro combo. Keep lifebloom up on one tank. Use tranquility now, as well. You can use nourish on your tank to refresh lifebloom (if you picked up that talent).  This is more than just 1-button spamming.  It can be fun if you give it some time to adjust to the new changes.

Q. Do resto druids have mana problems?

  • A. Not at level 80. Mana doesn’t become a concern until after you start leveling up to 85.

Moonkin druid Q’s

Q. Where is my insect swarm?

Q. How much hit rating should I have?

  • A. You should be at 17% spell hit. You can reforge Spirit and hit rating into haste on gear that does not already have spirit. If you can’t reforge into spirit on that item, then either mastery or crit would be okay.

Q. What is the new moonkin haste cap?

  • A. There really isn’t one anymore. They increased the cast time of wrath enough that it’s unlikely we’ll hit any sort of haste cap. So, haste is something good that you want as much as you can get your hands on.

Q. What is this sunfire & what am I supposed to do when it comes up?

  • A. It is exactly the same as moonfire (doesn’t stack with moonfire). Use it when moonfire’s DOT wears off, or you can use it to proc the new Nature’s Grace. Spam sunfire while moving when you are in the solar eclipse (just like you would spam regular moonfire when you are moving when your solar eclipse isn’t up). Basically, treat sunfire exactly like you would treat moonfire. They put in this talent only so that your moonfire would benefit from the damage increase from solar Eclipse. They added the cute new name & graphic just for flavor.

Q. What addons should I use to track the new Eclipse power, and what should I use to replace Squawk & Awe?

Do you have any more questions about resto or moonkin in 4.0.1? Please let me know!

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Druid Resource list for 4.0.1

IMPORTANT NOTICE about bugs in 4.0.1 via Sunfyre @ Sunfyre’s nest:

“Many people experienced problems with training mastery, where training mastery did not infact GIVE you mastery. (The spellbook still said to go see your trainer).  I (Sunfyre) figured out a way to make it work, using the following method.  I suggest you do the same just as a precaution.

When you first load into 4.0, before you talent, head to Moonglade.  At the trainer, learn mastery and leather specialization before any other ability.”

So, we have confirmation from mmo-champion that tomorrow is patch day, with about 99% certainty. To help you get ready for patch day, the blogging community has been working hard at writing guides to help you through this confusing transition period. Just remember one thing…

On this blog, I have two guides available for your patch day viewing pleasure:

Moonkin resources for 4.0.1 (talents, glyphs, gems, etc)

Feral druid resources for 4.0.1 (talents, glyphs, gems, etc):

Restoration druid resources for 4.0.1:

For other classes, see this resource list at Jaded alt!

Epic Raid Warning podcast Roundtable!

The Raid Warning podcast roundable is finally up! Listen to a great podcast while you wait for the servers to come back up!

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Leveling guide changes & updates

Hey everyone, I started updating my leveling guide in preparation for the 4.0.1 patch.

I have updated several of the leveling guide pages on my blog:

Still need to do:

  • I have not finished the tanking leveling spec. I hope to get to this “soon” after 4.0.1 hits.
  • On the talents & abilities page, I need to add in more information for moonkin druid leveling spells & such.
  • I need to add Cataclysm links into the FAQ page (which never happens until after patch day)
  • On the additional advice & gearing page, I need to write the “additional advice” section, including glyphs and other important info.
  • I also need to improve the formatting on all sections of the guide and add links in some places, which will probably happen after I post it on the forums and everything else is ready to go.
  • Finish editing & fix typos – This is still a draft version right now and I know that not everything is ready to go yet. I wanted to finish what had been done so far, since mmo-champion is still predicting patch day to be Tuesday the 12th.
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