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Resto druid 4.0.1 healing guide is ready!

So, with MMO-champion’s latest PTR patch notes not listing any resto druid talent changes, I’m now posting the draft that I have for the 4.0.1 healing guide. I put in some talent links, but overall this is guide is very low on links because links always manage to change & break by patch day, and […]

Moonkin preparations for 4.0.1

So, the moonkin-related changes for level 80 PvE aren’t quite as drastic as the resto druid changes. So, we shouldn’t really need to change out things like gems (unless you were using int gems, which weren’t good for moonkin before 4.0 anyway). There are a few important gear changes you will need to be aware […]

Resto preparations for 4.0.1

You should start stocking up on glyphs for the 4.0 patch and think about your gems, as well. When 4.0 hits, you learn a glyph once, you never have to learn it again (you just swap it in & out of your spell book). So if you buy every glyph that survives into Cata (so […]