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Repost: The Eclipse problem version 4.2

The Eclipse problem version 4.2 via Restokin by Lissanna on 6/1/11   So, Eclipse has pretty much always been a problem in some way or another. The newest version of Eclipse is a LOT better than where it started, but we’ve seen a new problem emerge since 4.0 (and it’s gotten worse as people have gotten more […]

Repost: 4.2 – and then there were bracers

4.2 – and then there were bracers via Restokin by Lissanna on 5/30/11   So, one of the biggest frustrations for gearing up druids in our guild is how hard it has been to come by bracers. I finally got mine of Chimaeron a couple weeks ago, but some of our other druids haven’t been so lucky. […]

Some thoughts on the Dungeon Journal

So, one of the major changes coming in patch 4.2 is the Dungeon Journal. There is a preview for it on mmo-champion, but  be careful if you are trying to avoid Firelands spoilers there (I’ll avoid from posting those Firelands pictures here). This dungeon journal lists out information for the 5-mans and the raids. So, […]

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In Harmony: The new resto druid mastery

So, the 4.2 patch notes showed up with a surprise while I was traveling. They changed the resto druid mastery to a new ability called “Harmony”. Here’s what the new mastery reads: Symbiosis (Mastery) has been removed and replaced with Harmony. Harmony increases direct healing by an additional 10%, and casting direct healing spells grants […]