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Wash all the yak (mounts)!

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled druid-related posts to talk about something completely different. While leveling, my absolute favorite quest was “At the Yak Wash”. The premise of this yak wash quest is that the yaks go in dirty: And comes out clean! That’s right, they change colors! The sad part of this quest, however, […]

I’m level 90, now what?

So, the questing experience was pretty nice, except for the last few bars trying to hit 90 this weekend. However, once I hit 90, I was totally overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do! So, today, as I went on my journey of discovery, anguish, and frustration… I took notes! Now, I’m sharing […]

How to use Symbiosis in Mists

Symbiosis is a new spell we get at level 87. When you cast it on another player, you gain one of their spells, and they gain one of yours. This duplicates the spell, so that both players keep their existing tools. The person you cast it on will need to drag the new symbiosis spell […]