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Patch 7.2.5 for balance and resto druids: Not much changed

The 7.2.5 patch is a small patch that coincides with the launch of a new raid tier. Overall, balance and resto will be in a similar place in Tomb of Sargeras, which opens June 20th. Neither spec had any major rotation or spell changes, with almost all changes being minor or numeric balancing. That said, lets get into some of the highlights of 7.2.5.

The most important thing for druids is the new Moonkin Festival, where you can adopt a baby moonkin for a day! I’m pretty sure this involves dancing, napping, and moonfire. Sounds like fun right? I’m not sure what day it is, but I’ll be sure to post about it more before the celebrations arise. Okay, now down to business!

There are changes to Mythic+ loot (and no more ‘depletion’ of keys), so you should review the changes before you head off to run your M+ for the week.

Balance Druid Changes

  • Bora has a whole FAQ for raiders about the 7.2.5 changes, which you should read. I’ll cover the highlights here:
  • Starsurge does more damage. This should be a small single-target DPS increase.
  • Stellar Drift’s starfall bonus does less damage. This will result in a small nerf to AOE damage. The two changes combined make starsurge superior to cast on single targets than starfall (so the AOE build is less effective on single-target fights).
  • Emerald Dreamcatcher got changed but should be close to the same overall benefit. It now reduces the cost by 5 power, but the buff now lasts 5 seconds. This means that you theoretically should be able to maintain close to 100% up-time on the buff when using an ED rotation. This also means we don’t have the same hard haste breakpoints for ED. Instead, staying slightly above 24% haste is likely fine based on the preliminary math, as the breakpoint possibilities between 24% and 44% haste are too variable to aim for in TOS. However, the dreamcatcher is significantly weaker than other legendary items for heroic/mythic level TOS for high movement fights, so this may not be relevant at all.
  • The Soul of the Archdruid is a new legendary ring that is pretty strong for moonkin, particularly for mythic raiding.
  • The radiant moonlight cloak is a pretty average and situational legendary.
  • As of now, moonkin are planningto run 2T Tier 19 (cloak/shoulders) and 4 Tier 20 pieces early on in TOS, until whatever point Blizzard nerfs the Tier 19 2-piece bonus.
  • What stats should you go for? With these changes to devaluing ED (and the fact starfall doesn’t scale with haste), we’re not going as heavy haste anymore and are favoring more mastery (e.g., mark of the trained soldier neck enchat), although you should sim yourself to get your own personal stat weights.

Restoration druid changes

  • Resto druids were coming ahead a little too strong and thus received a minor 4% nerf that really isn’t something to worry about at this point. Resto will still be competitive and otherwise got no substantial changes to spells.
  • The cultivation talent was also nerfed, but you’ll still want to use it for most situations.
  • The Aman’thul’s Wisdom legendary shoulders were also nerfed, making it much more situational.
  • Chameleon’s Song is a new legendary helm that looks like it might be pretty good for getting more wild growth targets during the duration of the buff.
  • The Soul of the Archdruid ring is much better for balance than resto at this point in testing.

That’s overall the main highlights of what is coming for druids. Keep in mind that number tweaks and changes will absolutely happen as the new raid tier gets underway. So, hang in there for the usual bumpy patch ride!

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