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Feral PvP – The DD forum discussion and suggestions

Ghostcrawler posted a lengthy response in the feral druid PvP “nerf” thread, which contained a decent amount of information about how the developers think about PvP balance, but nothing that was really helpful for the ferals that felt their chance at pvp success in 3.1 had been taken away from them. Here’s an excerpt with […]

Go play in the PTR arenas today – Thursday the 26th!

Druids’ representation in the current arena system on the live servers (and the arena servers) are low. We all know that druids just aren’t playing very much in arenas. Some of it is the backlash against druids doing so well as resto in Burning Crusade. Anyway, the devs are looking for people to go and […]

The Moonkin PvP fix: Typhoon & survivability talent needed

Cross-posting on the Damage Dealing forums and here: With the moonkin PvP community really falling to pieces over the lack of information and changes, here are some simple band-aid fixes that would make moonkin PvP okay in the short-term, to buy time for long-term fixes later down the line: 1) The fix for Typhoon: The […]