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New podcast episode available!

So, I had a cold all last week, and my semester started yesterday, making this week’s schedule pretty hectic for me, which is why I haven’t posted much recently.

I did, however, want to let you guys know that we recorded our second Team Waffle Podcast on Friday, and that Arielle has now posted the Team Waffle podcast Episode 2. In the episode, I tried not to sniffle or cough into the mic too much, but if I did, I sincerely apologize (and hopefully Arielle was able to edit some of that out, lol). We’ll be doing the podcast every 2 weeks at this point, now that the holidays are over.

My guild started raiding last week, and we got some 10-man runs going (we decided as a guild not to raid over the Christmas & New Years holidays). We got down Halfus Wyrmbreaker and Magmaw over the weekend. We were also able to kill the PvP boss in Tol Barad when the Alliance had control over the zone. We’re hoping to start up our 25-man group soon, but it looks like we’re still short a couple people (especially looking for a non-druid healer, shadow priest, and a hunter to join our raiding crew).

I’ll be keeping an eye on how the 4.0.6 patch develops, but the druid class overall seem to be in pretty good shape for the next patch at this point.

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New druid podcast coming soon!

I have joined forces with two feral druids: Reesi (of The Inconspicuous Bear) and Arielle (of Death Kitty) to bring all of you a new podcast that we felt the community was lacking.

Our new podcast is called Team Waffle, and it’s a podcast made by druids, for druids! You can find info about our new podcast at:

The goal of the podcast is to talk about all the various druid specs (more or less), along with other topics and such. I’m really excited about this new adventure, mostly because I don’t have to do most of the technical stuff.

We are recording the first episode on December 17th, this Friday. However, we are NOT recording it with a live audience. Being newer to podcasting, our team doesn’t quite have the technical abilities to get that to all work out right at this point. So, the first episode will be pre-recorded, and then will be uploaded for your listening pleasure. I would expect the recording to be posted by some point on December 18th, and I’ll post both here when it’s available for download. You can also follow the RSS feed on the team waffle website for updates & information.

We will have a Q&A session during the podcast if you want to ask questions. Since it’s not a live show, you can e-mail questions you want us to answer to: [email protected]

I am really excited with this new podcasting adventure! It won’t have an effect on my ability to post on this blog. The podcast is in addition to all the news, reviews, and advice I bring to you here.

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