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Shadow Priest Mastery: Shadow Orbs Explained

This round of “Voices from the Community” is brought to you by a shadow priest named Snakeneyes. He is in Undying Resolution on Elune (yes, that’s Lissanna’s guild), and he may be joining Restokin more frequently with shadow priest hints and tricks. Understanding the Mastery of Shadow Priests is critical for determining which spells need […]

Cata class mechanics: The waiting game

So, druids don’t get their class preview until Friday. However, I’ll have intermittent internet access over the weekend, so I wanted to get up one more post before I left. There are some things in the priest reviews that I find particularly interesting and wanted to talk about the implications that my cut across classes. […]

My new alt: Shadow Priest

So, I consider myself more of a specialist. My focus of everything that I do is my druid. However, while I was rewarded in Vanilla and Burning Crusade for being a specialist, Wrath instead rewards generalists. My boyfriend wins out in WotLK because he has 10 alts. The dungeon system rewards having multiple characters, since […]

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