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Updated guides for Mists 5.0 patch

I have updated my leveling guides for the 5.0 patch that is due to go live on Tuesday. Here are some highlights: Resto druid healing Guide 5.0 updates The healing guide has a brief description of the 5.0 changes. Every page has also been updated with the changes for 5.0, except for the gems & […]

Resto druid preview for MOP: What changed?

Resto druids: What changed in MOP? Gearing changes: For patch 5.0, the biggest change is that you are going to need to reforge back into a heavy-spirit gearing. Intellect no longer provides you any increase to your mana pool size, and we lost the talents that gave us mana regen from intellect. If you are […]

Resto MOP update

Following up on my post from this weekend, I wanted to highlight two blue posts that popped up on the Beta Class Theorycrafting thread: Q: Is Bloom intended to be used in AoE healing rotations? How will it affect Harmony? It isn’t intended to be used rotationally, and may be too good at the moment. […]