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Building a better resto shaman alt

Okay, so I have a shaman alt that I sometimes play. My alt has been 80 for long enough that I’m in mostly epic gear from heroics. I’ve tried raiding 10-mans once or twice, without great success. I tend to call Lissiel my “fail shaman”, because my alt just doesn’t live up to the expectation […]

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Merrymaker Lissiel

I finished all of the Winter’s Veil achievements on my shaman! It wasn’t actually too bad, since I finished it all on my druid last year. My shaman healed two wintergrasp battles to get enough of the PvP kills, and went on some low level Nexus runs to get the Santa Hat for ‘Tis the […]

Practice Makes Perfect – Lissiel the Fail Shaman

So, I’m one of those specialists who spend hours and hours and hours focusing on one character. This means that I know druids really, really well – but I know much less about other classes. Lissanna feels more like an extension of myself than a character that I play in the video game. I do, […]

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Ding! My shaman is 80!

My shaman, Lissiel on Elune, finally hit 80! My goal over Thanksgiving break was to hit 80 on my shaman, and I met that goal! I have an enhancement spec & a resto spec. I’m working on getting them geared up, and such. I’ll be doing some more shaman research soon and I’ll probably do […]

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