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Druid travel form survey results

Hi druids! I have analyzed the data from 466 responses to the druid travel form survey. Below is the summary of the findings. This link will also take you directly to the Google analytics summary page (This includes the full 615 responses that were completed before I turned the survey off). Note that the Google analytics summary page dynamically updates and reflect the current results with more participants than what was used for the summary here. There isn’t a difference overall in the trends between the below analysis and the updated Google analytics.

Overall summary and design suggestions

  • While responses to the change are overall negative, there are some people who like the change (or like at least some aspects of the change). There was not a single consensus all druids agreed upon.
  • In general, there is less of a problem with ground travel and swim form being merged (other than general bugs with the transition out of the water). This was the aspect people rated most positively in both the multiple-choice and open-ended questions.
  • People instead most often report disliking having ground and flight travel forms merged. While glyph of stag addresses this problem for 13% of people responding, there are also others who either don’t want to use the glyph or don’t have their particular problem solved by the glyph (this included 9% of people who didn’t know about the glyph). For example, people who want to use the Cheetah glyph will never see their Cheetah form in places with flight enabled, since there’s no way to both split flight form from ground form AND use the cheetah glyph.
  • People also report a lot of problems where they fall to their deaths more often when in flight form (e.g., zoning, logging out and back in, or entering combat shifts them out of flight form), that increases their dislike of the merge.
  • It might make the most sense to split off flight form from the merged form permanently, rather than only via the glyph. Then, the Glyph of Stag should split ground and swim form, so that people stop drowning their friends when ground form steps over puddles when using Mount Form.

See the complete analysis below.

Sample Demographics

  • Druid Mains = 80% of sample; Druid alts = 20% of sample.
  • Level 90 druids = 95% of sample. Remaining 5% were below level 90.
  • 82% of druids have used travel form “sometimes” or “often”.
  • 33% of druids are currently using Glyph of Stag.
  • Travel form is most often used for solo questing, exploring the world, and herb/ore farming.

Travel form usage: 80% for solo questing, 76% for exploring the world.

 Summary of Open Ended Responses

What druids like about the change

  • The thing people most frequently report liking about the change is shifting in and out of aquatic form automatically (from either ground, air, or both).
  • Some druids also like the reduced button bloat, no longer having to use macros to do the same thing. In addition, some report ease of use or convenience as something they like about the change.
  • The pie chart below shows the responses after I coded them for frequency:

What druids like about the change to travel form.

What druids dislike about the change

  • Druids most often report dislikes related to loss of control, flexibility, fun, or choice related to their shapeshift forms.
  • In particular, druids often reported a dislike of having the ground travel form and flight form merged. This was particularly problematic for people who had been previously using the cheetah glyph, as cheetah form can’t be used in flight-enabled areas. In general, the glyph of stag is not suitable for addressing the concerns related to merging ground and flight form together, especially due to the exclusivity with other glyphs, and the feeling of “wasting” a glyph spot.
  • People listed many other types of dislikes, including problems where the glyph of stag causes riders on the back of stags to be dismounted when shifting into water. Some people also just generally disliked the change entirely.

What druids dislike about the change to travel form

Multiple-Choice responses

  • Only 22% of druids said that they liked the changes made to travel form (13% neutral, and 63% dislike). In addition 72% suggested they liked the old separated forms better.
  • Overall, 75% of druids feel that the new travel form prevents them from doing things they would like to do.
  • In addition, 67% suggested they had concerns about control over their shapeshift buttons. Only 13% of people said that glyph of stag addressed these concerns.
  • However, 65% of druids said that having land travel form shift into swim form when they went in the water was helpful.
  • 55% of druids find the new travel form frustrating to use, but only 28% find the new form confusing to use (thus, the frustration likely stems from other problems, rather than from confusion related to the change).
  • Please go directly to the Google Analytic link to see the pie charts for each multiple-choice question.

Percent of people who like the new travel form designThanks everyone for your responses! My summary of the bug reports and problem open-ended question (which can be seen in the analytics summary page) will be submitted elsewhere to save space in this post.

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Druid Travel Form Survey – CLOSED

Update: Thank you everyone who took the time to complete the survey. After 615 responses, I have now de-activated the survey and closed it to future responses. Screenshots of the questions are provided below for archiving purposes and being able to interpret the survey results. You can view the results and interpretation from the first 466 responses here.




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Beginner Moonkin Eclipse Strategies

The new Eclipse mechanic is confusing a lot of druids. While Lore made a great intro video, some of the timing and advice is above what brand new moonkin druids can do. So, we’ll cover the general new player strategy below. If you are an advanced player, you should move directly to the guides written by Cyous.

Once upon a time, I was falling in love (with moonkin), but now I’m only falling apart. There’s nothing I can do. A Total Eclipse of the Heart.

What is Eclipse?

Illustration of the Eclipse power bar

Eclipse is the most difficult mechanic to learn as a moonkin. Eclipse puts a bar under your name-plate (if you are using the default User Interface, without any addons). You get Eclipse at level 10, so you can start learning the mechanic early. Do not ignore Eclipse! There is a new Eclipse version again this expansion.

When you start combat, the new version of Eclipse makes the bar automatically swing back and forth, even if you aren’t casting anything. It starts out heading towards the moon (Lunar Eclipse) side. The closer you are to the moon (Lunar Eclipse), the more damage your Arcane spells (e.g., Starfire and Moonfire) do.

When Eclipse crosses into the yellow Sun side (Solar Eclipse) at the zero balance power mid-point, your moonfire turns into Sunfire. Sunfire does nature damage (instead of arcane damage). The closer you are to the sun (Solar Eclipse), the more damage your nature spells (e.g., wrath and sunfire) do.

Are there addons to make playing moonkin easier?

Yes! The most recent patch broke every previous addon tool everyone used to manage their Eclipse rotation. At this point, Cyous has made a tool using Weak Auras 2 for managing the new Eclipse rotation. This helps you with timing Eclipse for more optimal play. If you plan to raid at end-game with your druid, you want to get the Weak Auras 2 build that Cyous put together.

What do you cast in Lunar Phase as a new druid?

  • Moonfire: This is a Damage over Time spell. You want this DOT on your target to tick over time. In the most simple rotation, you can always just cast this once every time you enter a new Lunar Eclipse phase (or refresh it at any point during the lunar phase). NOTE: While you get double-damage to the instant damage from moonfire/sunfire in the ‘peak’ Eclipse, the DOT isn’t impacted by this extra buff. Instead, the DOT dynamically updates every tick. Thus, maintaining high DOT up-time is the first step in learning the rotation (e.g., more ticks is more damage; regardless of when you cast moonfire).
  • Starsurge: This is spell has three charges. The simplest time to cast this is at the start of a new Lunar phase. When you cast starsurge, it buffs the damage of your next two Starfire spells. Avoid casting starsurge when you are about to leave the Lunar Phase (otherwise, you can usually fit in one or two starsurges per cycle).
  • Starfire is the main ‘filler’ spell you cast during Lunar Phase.
  • Beginner Lunar rotation Summary: Moonfire -> Starsurge -> Cast a bunch of starfires -> Swap to Solar phase at the zero midpoint.

What do you cast in Solar Phase as a new druid?

  • Sunfire: This is another DOT. You want this DOT on your target to tick over time. In the most simple rotation, you can always just cast this once every time you enter a new Solar Eclipse phase (or refresh it at any point in the solar phase). This shares the same mechanics as moonfire.
  • Starsurge: The simplest time to cast this is at the start of a new Solar phase. When you cast starsurge, it now buffs your next three wrath spells in this phase. Avoid casting starsurge when you are about to leave the Solar Phase.
  • Wrath is your main ‘filler’ spell you cast during Solar Phase.
  • Beginner Solar rotation Summary: Sunfire -> Starsurge -> Cast a bunch of wraths-> Swap to Solar Phase at the zero midpoint.

Can I just spam moonfire all the time?

No, learning at least the very basic lunar vs solar distinction is helpful for building the foundation for learning the rotation. Also, now that moonfire turns into sunfire, you only have access to moonfire half the time, anyway. So, everyone who just spammed moonfire should learn the basic rotation described above for alternating lunar and solar phases. However, moonfire spam can be useful for movement. Keep in mind that the DOT updates dynamically with spell power buffs and such, so that the timing is more forgiving.

What are the more advanced rotation decisions?

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Happy 6.0 Warlords of Draenor patch day!

The 6.0 pre-patch with all the class and systems changes goes live today! Here are some resources for surviving patch day! Returning to the game after a break, or haven’t been following all the dozens of changes? No problem! Below are some helpful links for druids (with a couple bonus mage guides!). I’ll add more resources as they become available – many people are working on finishing & publishing their guides today. For example, wowhead is still working on finishing up their class guides today.

General Druid Changes:

Restoration druids:

Balance Druids:

 Guardian Druids:

Feral Druids:

Frost Mages:

Blizzard’s Beginner Balance Druid video:

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