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The bloggers of Undying Resolution

Today, we’ll take  a break from our beta posting to talk about something completely different. First order of business: The changing face of Restokin. As I’ve been alluding to in my posts here and on twitter, there are some changes coming to Restokin. I’ve decided (for the sake of my sanity) to branch out into […]

MOP Feedback: Healing Shrooms Revisited

I ran my first beta instance last night, which gave me the opportunity to test the Healing Shroom spell outside of Stormwind or solo leveling. Healing Shrooms overall have gotten really mixed reviews. Some people really like the concept, and some people (I’m looking at you, Beru) really hate it. The current problem: Dragonsoul’s mechanics […]

Repost: Welcome Garnaph!

Welcome Garnaph! via Restokin by Lissanna on 7/1/11   So, a couple months ago, I opened my blog up to guest writers. Since then, I have had a series of about 7 people contribute posts to my blog in a “voices from the community” series. Since starting this series, I have heard a lot of great feedback from my […]