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Playing with your food

Okay, so my guild worked really hard to do something we all hate: fishing. When we finally fished up 10,000 pools, we got the guild achievement and were rewarded with the new ultimate fish feast: Seafood Magnifique feast! I was super excited when we ding’d this achievement, since it meant we could start using feasts […]

Happy Holidays from Restokin!

I’m away traveling for the holidays, but I have computer access while I’m gone. I have been enjoying the Cataclysm rush to get all geared up, and working on my professions. If you haven’t already seen, the Team Waffle Podcast posted our first recording. I’m pretty sure that the podcast will get better as we […]

Are you ready for some catokissem?

Here are some of the resources you will need while working your way up to 85 (and preparing to raid once you hit 85): First, no expansion is complete without some Alamo druid guides. His newest (joke) guide is: Alamo Teeches a Catokissem. (I suspect that his guide gets funner after several nights of not […]

Level 85 healing guide now Live!

So, I’m giving all of you a preview for my level 85 healing guide  a couple days early on my blog! I have now removed the level 80 healing advice from the blog version of my healing guide, though (for the moment) it is still active in the Forum version. I’ll probably update the forum […]