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Repost: The Path to Dragonwrath

The Path to Dragonwrath via Restokin by Hedra on 6/20/11   In this installment of the “voices from the community” series, we are beginning preparations for the upcoming 4.2 patch by discussing the new Legendary weapon. This post is written by Hedra (now Elaera on the Malygos server in the guild Soulbound). Please note that this legendary item is for caster DPS, […]

Repost: Resto Healing at 85… Casually

Resto Healing at 85…Casually. via Restokin by arecthedruid on 6/13/11   Today’s Voices from the Community post is brought to you by Arec, A resto druid from <House of Flying Daggers> on Crushridge (US). Sometimes, it is important to realize that raiding isn’t the only way to play at end-game. Today’s post comes from someone who focuses on […]

Repost: Master Shapeshifting, Resources and Macros

Master Shapeshifting, Resources and Macros via Restokin by Ruminare on 5/22/11 Welcome to another installment from the “voices of the community” series. Today’s post is brought to you by Ruminare on Blackrock-US, in the guild <Something Novel>. Cataclysm has turned the world inside-out and in many ways, players have had to change and adapt to new and uncertain conditions. […]

Druid leveling – Vanilla Style!

Today’s “voices from the community” post is a trip down memory lane, written by Nyda <Legacy of the Void> from Perenolde (US). We think this story will resonate with a lot of the people who leveled up in Vanilla, oh so many years ago! World of Warcraft was my first MMORPG. Pulled into the rich […]