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Repost: Druids – A true hybrid

Druids – A true hybrid via Restokin by Garnaph on 10/10/11   I’ve been pondering making this post for a while now. In fact, it was one of my post ideas alongside my original latency post. Lissanna asked me to do the latency post instead, so this one has been gathering dust until now. The number one […]

Garnaph’s view on 4.2 raid nerfs

Garnaph’s view on 4.2 raid nerfs via Restokin by Garnaph on 9/19/11   There’s a lot of talk about this at the moment, and I feel I have something to add. As a middle-of-the-road raider (my guild just took down our first HC firelands boss), I feel, perhaps a little arrogantly, that I have the most balanced […]

Repost: Intro to Power Auras (part 3 of 3)

Intro to Power Auras (part 3 of 3) via Restokin by Garnaph on 8/14/11   To wrap up my Power Auras series, I’m going to outline the setups I use, and while I expect this to spark heated debate about what’s necessary and what’s not, and how terribly ugly my setup looks, I still feel it’s important […]

Repost: Addon Spotlight : ReforgeSaver

Addon Spotlight : ReforgeSaver via Restokin by Garnaph on 8/9/11   Reforge saver is a mod that saves preset reforging setups, and can quickly reset your gear to the saved state. Since Bear/Cat and Boomkin/Resto often share gear, this makes managing your offspecs a lot easier. It’s not a complicated mod, but there are some tricks and […]