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Fewer buttons? Yes, please!

Post on optimum number of buttons in a rotation & review some classes. With news of the stat squish, reducing our insane number inflation back down to something more reasonable, there is another area of reduction that needs attention. This area is in the inflation of the number of abilities each class has access to […]

WOD: Happy with the raid size changes

Now that I’ve gotten rid of the big, black cloud hanging over my head, I can talk about some things I am really looking forward to in WOD. The first of these is the change in raid sizes. It is no secret that I was really unhappy with the initial split of 10 v 25. […]

Lords of Draenor: Where are the girls at?

I am a female who plays world of warcraft. There are lots of other females who play world of warcraft. Being a gamer and escaping into fantasy worlds is part of how I try to escape the everyday sexism of the world, or how I otherwise get away from things I can’t control in the […]

How 9 years of World of Warcraft has made my life better

This week, I had a hard time coming up with a blog post. In-game, most things are going well right now. My guild just recently killed Garrosh on Normal and started heroics. There isn’t a lot of WOW news going on while we wait forBlizzcon to roll around. So, as someone who spends most of […]