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Just a little boost… to 90

The recent Warlords of Draenor “scouting report” gave us an update on how the level 90 boosts would work. To recap: If you order your digital version through Blizzard, you get your free 90 boost right away. If you buy a boxed copy, then, you would get the level 90 boost when you added the […]

Raiding in the New Year!

Welcome to 2014! The last year has been a great year for my guild. We have been progressing in raids faster than any other tier, and our 25-man raid has reached 8/14 HM. I’m also having a lot of fun as a frost mage, and I really love the guild family. I enjoy spending my […]

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season! Merry Christmas and happy Winter’s Veil! I hope your gently shaken gifts bring you all that your heart desires! Lets just hope that you were on Santa’s nice list, and not on his naughty list this year! Lets also hope that Blizzard brings us a new World […]