Druid Leveling Guide 5.3

Druid Leveling Guide v5.3
Originally, v.1.12 was posted by Jaegor, Feral Druid, Dark Iron<US>. Updated and maintained post-2.1 by:  Lissanna, balance/restoration druid, Elune <US>

Druid leveling guide – Feral and Balance are recommended as solo specs for questing.

This guide is for new druids starting out. It is specifically geared towards build construction for PvE leveling.

The first thing to understand is that feral is the most efficient tree for solo leveling, especially now that you get cat form at level 8. Feral druids level in cat form, and attack their opponents up close in melee range using attacks with Energy as a resource and combo points for big finishing moves.

Balance druids can level solo perfectly fine. However, you will have to drink more often. This is still a good option if you enjoy being a caster, where you can root things away from you and hit them with damage spells using mana as your resource.

In terms of races, troll and worgen have the best racial bonuses for DPS (feral or balance).

The expansion split bear tanks into a new specialization called “guardian”. If you are leveling up in instances, sometimes you want to be a tank (a guardian druid focusing on bear form), or a healer (a resto druid focusing on using healing spells). Keep in mind that it will be significantly more difficult to solo quest as a resto or guardian druid.

With the new talent trees, all four specializations now use the same talent tree. So, I just have one page that talks about the talents for all four of the specializations.

Table of contents

All Specializations

Feral (cat) Leveling Sections:

Balance (moonkin) Leveling sections:

Restoration (healing) leveling:

Guardian (bear tank) leveling:

Additional Q&A

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