1. Leveling 1 to 10 (all specializations)

Leveling 1 to 10 in Legion (all specializations):

All druids start out at level 1 as the “Feral” default spec. This means you will have to shift into cat form to do damage in melee range (up close and personal). Cat form moves 30% faster than humanoid form, so it makes sense to stay in cat form while you run around level 1 thru 10 (especially you don’t have the chauffeured chopper mount that drives you around while you level).


  • Level 1 – Shred: This is the primary damage ability that generates combo points. For the first few levels, run around shredding everything in sight.
  • Level 3 – Ferocious Bite: This is your first finisher move. You can spend combo points (up to 5 points) to bite things and do large amounts of damage.
  • Level 5 – Prowl : You can stealth (become hard for enemies to see) when you are out of combat. A typical opening move would be to use prowl to get behind something, and then shred them to do 20% more damage on your opening move. You can also use prowl to be sneaky and get past things when you don’t want them to attack you.
  • Level 6 – Rake: Causes your target to bleed (damage over time). This bleed effect also makes shred do more damage.

Level 6+ rotation: In most cases, applying rake and spamming shred will do most of the work. A more complete rotation might look like: Stealth behind something, shred once, Rake for the DOT, shred until 5 combo points, then ferocious bite.

Choosing your specialization at level 10:

At level 10, you can freely change between all four druid specs. Keep in mind that only Balance and Feral are designed for questing by yourself out in the world. Restoration and guardian are really meant for grouping with other people, and thus become more useful in dungeons (at level 15) or in battlegrounds (some open at level 10).

Feral: If you decide to keep being a cat for leveling, you would continue using the abilities you have learned, and continue to gain more feral abilities to bite faces as a primary damage dealer.

Balance: If you choose balance at level 10, you will be a ranged caster with moonfire (damage over time), Solar Wrath (single-target nuke that generates astral power) and Starsurge (single-target damage ability to spend astral power) as your primary damage abilities at level 10. In this case, you can cast moonfire and then mostly spam solar wrath until you have enough astral power to cast starsurge.

Restoration: Restoration is primarily used for healing in dungeons, so you may not use this much until you unlock the dungeon finder at 15. Restoration druids are primarily designed to use Heal Over Time (HOT) spells. At level 15 when dungeon finder unlocks, you have access to: Regrowth (single-target direct heal with a HOT) and rejuvenation (a single-target HOT). You also have access to your level 15 talents, where I’d recommend Cenarion Ward so you can put shields on your tank if you are struggling to keep the tank alive.

Guardian: Bears primarily tank group content as guardian once dungeons unlock at level 15. At level 15, you have access to: Mangle (single-target damage ability that generates rage), Maul (single-target damage ability spends rage), growl (makes something attack you instead of your party members), thrash (area of effect damage ability to hit multiple targets).


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