1. Leveling talents (all specializations)

Leveling Talents in Warlords of Draenor (all specializations):

There is a set of talents that is shared across all four druid specializations, though some of the talents change by specialization. Choosing your specialization now gives you a bunch of abilities as you level up. Then, you get to choose 7 additional abilities from the talent set. Here, I will briefly explain the sets of options you have and how useful they are to each spec for leveling (your max-level choices will be different). You will have some choice along the way. However, for leveling, I almost always prefer passive talents over active talents due to the short length of most fights.

Level 15: Feline swiftness (due to being passive) will end up being the preferred leveling talent early on. Wild Charge and Displacer Beast may provide some acceptable utility in later levels, depending on what spec you choose (but, these are only helpful if you use them regularly).

  • Feline Swiftness: Increases your movement speed by 15% at all times. This is pretty useful for all four specializations.
  • Displacer beast (30 sec cooldown): Teleports you 20 yards forward and shifts you into cat form. Primarily used for escape.
  • Wild charge (15 sec cooldown): Gives you a different movement teleport effect depending on your specialization (see image below).

Level 30: For DPS (feral/moonkin) and guardian leveling, Ysera’s Gift or Renewal will be the better options. For resto leveling, choose Ysera’s Gift or Cenarion Ward.

  • Ysera’s Gift: Passive heal. Will heal you or a nearby injured party/raid member for 4% health every 5 seconds.
  • Renewal: Instant cast that heals yourself for 22% of your health. Useful for DPS and tank druids for keeping yourself alive.
  • Cenarion Ward: A buff you put on your target that will apply a HOT to tick down after they get hit.

Level 45: Overall, I prefer typhoon. However, for leveling, your choice of crowd control here doesn’t matter much.

  • Faerie Swarm: Slows your target’s movement speed.
  • Mass Entanglement: Will root multiple targets in place for a short time.
  • Typhoon: Knocks back your target and dazes (slows) them for a short period of time.

Level 60: In general, force of nature is a pretty good leveling talent. However, for leveling as a tank, I would recommend soul of the forest instead. The other two options have situational leveling uses.

  • Soul of the forest: Gives feral more energy when you use finishing moves (not as helpful for leveling if things die fast). For Guardian, mangle generates more rage (helpful for leveling as a tank). For resto, using swiftmend makes your next cast spell faster (not as helpful for leveling). Balance receives increased damage to wrath and starfire when they are buffed by Empowerment (you gain empowerment from casting starsurge).
  • Incarnation: For balance, increases your damage while Eclipse is active. For feral, this gives you a couple different bonuses. Guardian: Reduces the cooldown on abilities. Resto: increases your healing done and gives you several nice bonuses. (for all specs, this is better for running with groups).
  • Force of Nature: Summons treants to fight for you. For balance, treants cast wrath & roots (helpful for leveling). For feral, treants do melee damage and root the target (helpful for leveling). For guardian, treants taunt and do melee damage (not as helpful for leveling). Resto treants cast Healing Touch and swiftmend (helpful for leveling).

Level 75: Another crowd control tier where it doesn’t matter what talent you choose.

  • Disorienting roar: Incapacitates all enemies within 10 yards. Your targets won’t attack for the duration of the effect, but any damage you do will break the effect.
  • Ursol’s Vortex: Will slow the movement speed of enemies in the vortex (better for balance or resto than feral/guardian)
  • Mighty bash: A 5 second stun that requires being in melee range (better for feral/guardian).

Level 90: This is a utility tier. Dream of cenarius provides passive bonuses, so this is likely the best leveling talent option. None of these talents are designed to improve main-role functionality.

  • Heart of the Wild: Gives you a buff to your off-role abilities for 45 seconds (6 minute cooldown).
  • Dream of Cenarius: Gives off-role passive healing to balance druids. Improves effectiveness of heals for feral and guardian. Improves wrath damage for resto (and wrath provides splash healing).
  • Nature’s Vigil: Heals and damage spells now do splash healing to nearby targets.

Level 100: See end-game guides.

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