4. Balance leveling

Balance Leveling Talents

Congrats on reaching level 10! If you would like to be a druid that focuses on doing damage by casting from far away, choose “balance” on the talent summary page.

You get one talent point at level 10 and then another point every odd level as you are leveling up to 80. From 81 to 85, you get one talent point every level. You will want to do your best to pick up talents that will enhance the damage abilities you currently use the most (ie. wrath & starfire), and then choose whatever else you need to get to move up the talent tree when you run out of helpful options along the way.

The first talent you want to invest in is Starlight Wrath, since it will make your main spells cast faster. While you are leveling, you want to choose talents that will increase your damage with Wrath, Starfire, & starsurge over other abilities. Also pick up talents that give you new abilities (like typhoon, moonkin form, etc).

Since you aren’t using Damage Over Time spells (DOTs) much at low levels, you can wait a while before you get Genesis. The only talents you should really avoid while leveling are Fungal growth (you don’t get mushrooms until way late), dreamstate (don’t need the extra regen), and Lunar Shower (it’s not very good right now, even at level 85).

Your Level 53 talent build might look like this.

Your Level 81 talent build might look like this.

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