3.Feral gearing & glyphs

Feral Stats & Gearing (5.0)

Primary stat weighting for cat druids: Agility > Strength > Stamina

  • Agility is the primary stat for feral leveling druids. Agility makes your melee attacks hit harder (because it gives you attack power), and agility also increases your critical strike chance. So, look for the highest item-level gear that contains agility whenever possible.
  • -Strength will show up mostly on accessories (ie. rings, cloaks, necks). Strength does still give attack power for cat & bear druids, but it is not as good as agility anymore – so take agility options when you can. Strength will be better than intellect for feral if your options just aren’t very good. Strength is also good for bears when you also pick up dodge or high levels of stamina on the item.

Other useful Feral stats:

  • Critical strike rating (your spells have a chance to do double-damage)
  • haste rating (increases the speed of your energy regen)
  • Hit rating shows up on some low level items. This reduces the chance for you to miss with your attacks.

What NOT to wear as a feral druid: Avoid gear with caster stats (Intellect & Spirit), or tanking stats (dodge, parry, or block).

For feral heirlooms, you want to choose the set of Agility leather. For more info on leveling heirlooms, see my blog post.

Feral Leveling Glyphs

While glyphs aren’t necessarily required for leveling, they can help boost some of the abilities you use, or provide other utility.

Major glyphs (choose 3 from below):

  • Prowl: removes the speed penalty when prowling, so you move faster while stealthed.
  • Shred: When berserk or tiger’s fury is active, shred doesn’t require you to be behind your target.
  • Pounce (after level 32): You can pounce your target from farther away.
  • Dash: Lowers the cooldown on your dash ability
  • Ferocious bite: When you use FB, it heals you for 1% of your health for each 10 energy used (up to 10% of your health)

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  1. Rollerdog
    Posted January 30, 2014 at 7:11 am | Permalink

    For leveling the 1st glyph to get is Savage Roar — no exceptions. You get 12 seconds with zero combo points. Hit it as you approach target and presto — 40% more damage.

    The Prowl glyph is also pretty cool. Combined with 15% speed increase talent, you are actually faster when prowling than just in regular cat form.

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