5. Balance glyphs & gear

Balance stats & gearing

Primary stat weighting for balance leveling: Intellect > all

Intellect is the primary stat for balance druids. It makes your spells hit harder by giving you more spell power. More intellect makes you a smarter moonkin.

Other useful Balance stats:

  • Haste rating: makes your spells cast faster. This is a great stat for moonkin.
  • Spirit: Gives you more regen out of combat, and there is a bonus for the balance specialization that converts spirit into hit rating. You will end up with some spirit on your gear, which is okay – but you still value intellect a LOT more than you value spirit.
  • Critical strike rating: This stat will show up on your gear at some point, and this is a good stat for you.
  • Hit rating: You probably don’t need much of this on your gear since spirit now converts into hit rating for you, but you may have to pick up a little spirit and a little hit to make sure your spells don’t miss.
  • Spell power is a stat that should mostly just show up on weapons, and this is good for you. There may also still be enchants with spell power on them.

What NOT to wear as a balance druid: Agility & strength are melee stats that are bad for caster druids. You would be better off wearing cloth int gear than wearing agility gear (especially before you learn the armor specialization at level 50). Also avoid tanking stats (dodge, parry, block).

Heirlooms for leveling: You want to choose the leather heirlooms with Intellect on them for balance leveling. For more info on heirlooms for druids, see my blog post.

Balance leveling glyphs

There are approximately zero good major glyphs for moonkin leveling. So, you can pick up whatever you feel like. The one minor glyph you may want to look for is glyph of stars, which is the alternative shapeshift for balance druids if you don’t like how moonkin form looks (other minor glyphs provide other neat cosmetic features).

Potential major glyphs:

  • Glyph of the moonbeast: Allows you to use healing touch & rejuvenation in moonkin form without shapeshifting.
  • Soloing major glyphs include: Glyph of dash, glyph of nature’s grasp, or glyph of entangling roots.
  • If you run instances, glyph of innervate or glyph of rebirth could potentially be useful.


  1. Zabdra
    Posted December 1, 2010 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

    New troll here! I was wondering if you can share gear between balance and resto and if so is that only for leveling or can you do the same at endgame?

    • Lissanna
      Posted December 1, 2010 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

      good question! For leveling, I would expect high overlap between resto & moonkin gear. At end-game, you end up with Tier set pieces having set bonuses that aren’t shared. So, all “set” pieces end up being different for resto & moonkin. I tend to have other item pieces (ie. bracers, boots, cloak) sometimes shared between my specs. Right now, I only have 3 pieces of gear overlap at level 80. However, the Spirit -> hit conversion in Cataclysm is likely going to increase the overlap in terms of what pieces I wear for both sets, and I would expect more than half of my resto & moonkin gear to overlap when I first start raiding. There is a possibility that I would walk into my first raid with my only gearing difference being my helm & trinkets, with the differentiation between the two sets growing as I get more progressed in raiding.

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