4. Balance spells & rotations

Balance Abilities & rotation advice

You have access to moonkin form at a lower level now (16) and being in moonkin increases the damage done by your spells. You can use glyph of stars to turn into Astral form instead.

Balance key lower level abilities:

  • Level 1: Wrath: Direct damage spell with a short cast time. This is a nature spell.
  • 3: moonfire: Instant-cast spell that does a small initial direct damage and has a damage over time (DOT) effect. This is an arcane spell.
  • 10: Starfire: Direct damage spell with a longer cast time than wrath. This is an arcane spell.
  • 10: Entangling roots: crowd control ability that holds things in place so they can’t melee you.
  • 12: Starsurge: a 2 second cast time spell that does a high amount of damage. You should try to cast this whenever it’s off cooldown. Counts as both nature & arcane magic.
  • 18: Sunfire: A DOT similar to moonfire, but does nature damage. You can have both DOTs on your target at the same time. Moonfire no longer morphs into sunfire. Instead, these are two different spells now.
  • 20: Astral communion: Moves your Eclipse bar to proc Eclipse. You don’t need this for leveling.
  • 42: Hurricane (turns into Astral storm when Lunar Eclipse is active): Your primary AOE spell for more than 3 targets.
  • 68: Celestial Alignment: Activates both Eclipse states for 15 seconds. Don’t use this when Eclipse is already active.

Rotation 1 thru 9: Mostly spamming wrath as you level up to 10. Use moonfire early, so that the damage can tick over time. When you want to keep something off you, you can use roots to hold them in place. (So, a rotation at level 7 could be: roots, moonfire, and then use wrath until your target dies).

How Eclipse Works

Eclipse is likely the most difficult mechanic to learn as a moonkin. Eclipse puts a bar under your name-plate (if you are using the default User Interface, without any addons). When you cast Wrath, it pushes the bar towards 100. When it hits 100, you get a Lunar Eclipse, which gives you a buff that increases your arcane damage by 25% (ie. makes spells like moonfire & starfire do more damage). Then, you want to cast starfire while the Lunar Eclipse buff is active. Casting starfire will push your Eclipse bar further to the other side, where you will proc a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse increases your nature damage by 25% (wrath & sunfire) while that buff is active, so at that point, you would switch back to wrath.

Basic single-target rotation after level 10 on quick fights would be to spam wrath until Eclipse, then spam starfire until Eclipse, rinse & repeat. After level 12, also use starsurge when it comes off cooldown.

More advanced single-target rotation(on longer fights) after level 18 would be to: Use Roots to keep things from hitting you, Cast sunfire and moonfire on your targets early in the fight. Use your starfire to get solar eclipse, use wrath to get lunar eclipse. Use Starsurge on cooldown. Refresh moonfire when you are in a lunar eclipse. Refresh sunfire when you are in a solar eclipse.

For more information on the Eclipse mechanic & rotation, see my blog post at Restokin.com

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  1. Garrett
    Posted March 23, 2014 at 7:00 am | Permalink

    Thanks for posting this info. I have noted one thing that occurs when I am in a five man dungeon and that is the fact that “starfire” takes what appears to be a looooong time to cast vs. wrath. This being the case, I have noted that I am lucky to get off maybe 2 or 3 “starfire” casts on a target before the tank downs the target. This slow casting time of starfire keeps my damage stats at the bottom, even when I have DoT’s on the target. What can I do to improve my damage stats while in a dungeon? Thanks!

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