4. Balance Moonkin Leveling

Balance Moonkin leveling for Legion (v 7.0)

At level 10, you can choose balance as your primary specialization. The balance spec (also called “moonkin spec”) involves being a ranged caster.

Balance key lower level abilities:

  • Level 10: Moonfire – Single target DOT (damage over time).
  • 10: Solar wrath. Single target direct damage spell – your primary filler spell you cast to generate astral power/
  • 10 starsurge – Spend astral power on Starsurge to do a big burst of damage to a single target. Generates Empowerments to boost wrath/strike damage.
  • 12 lunar strike – Long cast time direct damage spell that cleaves to multiple targets (useful for 2 or more targets).
  • 18 moonkin form – Shapeshift to a moonkin to increase your armor and damage.
  • 24 sunfire – A DOT that hits multiple nearby targets when you cast it. Useful to cast on 1 or more targets.
  • 40 starfall – An AOE ability you target on the ground under your enemies.
  • 64 celestial alignment – A cooldown that increases your damage done.

Rotation Advice

At its core, the strategy is this: Apply DOTs (Moonfire & Sunfire). Cast Solar Wrath on single targets (or Lunar Strike on groups). When you have enough astral power, cast either starsurge (on single targets) or starfall (on groups). Add into your rotation any other abilities you pick up from talents (such as force of nature).

The advanced strategies get much more complicated at higher levels, and will change depending on talents.

Leveling talents:

You can change your talents for free when you are inside a city or inn. You can’t change talents when you are out in the world running around.

  • Level 15: Force of Nature – these summoned trees can taunt things, increasing your leveling survivability, in addition to doing damage. The other two aren’t nearly as good for solo leveling, but starlord (reduced cast time when empowerments are active) can be helpful in dungeons.
  • Level 30: Renewal is helpful for healing yourself. If you aren’t taking much damage, then displacer beast is helpful for increasing your movement speed.
  • Level 45: Resto affinity is the most generally helpful – gives you several healing spells.
  • Level 60: Typhoon knocks things away from you. Mighty bash (stun) or mass entangling (root that can spread to other targets) could be situationally helpful.
  • Level 75: For leveling, soul of the forest is a passive ability that you don’t have to worry about using (increases damage bonus from empowerments and reduces starfall’s astral power cost). The other two are active abilities more useful for high-end play (Incarnation is a cooldown and stellar flare is a single-target DOT).
  • Level 90: Shooting stars is a passive where your DOTS have a chance to generate astral power, making it the easiest to use. If you need more bursty astral power, then astral communion can be helpful as an active ability. Blessing of the ancients (BOTA) gives you a toggle where you can have one of two types of astral power buffs (BOTA changes the color of your moonkin form, which you might enjoy while leveling).
  • Level 100: Any of these three talents are situationally useful at level 100. Fury of Elune is interesting in that it helps spend astral power but is pretty complicated. Stellar drift improves starfall’s damage & radius (and cast while moving in the starfall circle). Nature’s balance extends the duration of your DOTS (which isn’t useful when things die fast).

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