7. Guardian tank leveling

Guardian spec, Bear Tank leveling:

At level 10, you can choose “Guardian” from the list of talent specializations. Your tanking abilities are no longer included in “feral”. In addition, guardian druids do not have access to all the cat abilities.

 Low level key tank abilities

  • Level 8: Bear form – This is the form you tank in
  • 6 mangle: Your primary damage ability at low levels for holding threat on things. This generates rage.
  • 8 Growl: A taunt that forces things to hit you when they are hitting someone else
  • 8 Maul: A damage ability that costs a lot of rage. Use this only when you have a lot of rage and nothing is hitting you very hard.
  • 10: Savage defense – Spend your rage on this to dodge more (for 6 seconds) and make it less likely that you will die.
  • 22: Swipe – An AOE damage that hits multiple targets.
  • 28: Faerie fire – An ability you can use when you want to generate threat. It is especially nice because you can target something farther away from you. Also reduces their armor, so it helps the melee DPS in your group if you keep up the debuff.
  •  32: Thrash – 6 sec CD with 16 sec DoT. Applies Weakened Blows (reduces physical damage done by 10%). Your targets bleed and increases the damage of some of your other abilities that benefit from bleed damage.
  • 38: Lacerate: Makes your target bleed (stacks up to 3 times), and has a chance to reset the cooldown on your mangle.
  • 44: Barkskin: A buff you can put on yourself to reduce how much damage you take for 12 seconds.

Strategy:   For AOE tanking, you want to Thrash before you Swipe now, as Swipe does 20% extra damage to bleeding targets. If you’re AoE tanking you shouldn’t be using faerie fire or lacerate much for AOE tanking.

For single-target tanking, Faerie fire, mangle, and lacerate all generate some threat at lower levels.
Major glyphs for lower levels:

  • Glyph of faerie fire – allows you to cast faerie fire at things farther away
  • glyph of maul – maul hits one additional target

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