7. Guardian tank leveling

Guardian spec, Bear Tank leveling:

At level 10, you can choose “Guardian” from the list of talent specializations. This makes you better able to perform the role of tank in dungeons. You will not be quite as good at solo content as a guardian compared to feral cat leveling.

 Low level key tank abilities

  • Level 8: Bear form – This is the form you tank in
  • 8 mangle: Your primary damage ability at low levels for holding threat on things. This generates rage.
  • 8 Growl: A taunt that forces things to hit you when they are hitting someone else
  • 10 Maul: A damage ability that costs 20 rage. Use this if you need threat on a single target more than you need your survival cooldowns. You may use this less at higher levels when you need the rage for more important things.
  • 10: Savage defense – Spend 60 rage on this to dodge 45% more for 6 seconds and make it less likely that you will die.
  • 14: Thrash – Hits multiple targets and applies a bleed effect that does damage over time (DOT).
  • 28: Faerie fire – An ability you can use when you want to generate threat. It is especially nice because you can target something farther away from you. Also reduces their armor, so it helps the melee DPS in your group if you keep up the debuff.
  • 38: Lacerate: Makes your target bleed (stacks up to 3 times), and has a chance to reset the cooldown on your mangle.
  • 44: Barkskin: A buff you can put on yourself to reduce how much damage you take for 12 seconds.
  • 48: Berserk: Mangle can hit 3 targets and has no cooldown for 10 seconds.
  • 56: Survival Instincts: You take 50% less damage for 6 seconds.
  • 64: Skull Bash: Interrupts your target if they are casting a spell.
  • 68: Frenzied Regen: Spends up to 60 rage to heal you (try not to use this when you have less than 60 rage).


For AOE tanking, you want to Thrash all the things once you get thrash at 14. After level 48, berserk allows you to apply mangle to multiple targets.

For single-target tanking, mangle, maul, faerie fire, and lacerate all generate some threat at lower levels. You can also use your growl ability on things that are hitting others, particularly if something is eating your healer.

Use your survivability buttons! Savage defense, survival instincts, and frenzied regen all help you save yourself from death. Proper use of your survivability buttons is key to staying alive.

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