2. Feral Spells and abilities

Feral Leveling Abilities and Rotations (5.0)

Cat form When you shift into cat form, you now do melee damage and you get a new set of abilities that you can only use in cat form. You can change the color of your cat form by visiting a barber shop in cities such as Orgrimar and Stormwind.

Some key feral lower level abilities:

  • 6: Cat form (you can now shift into a cat, dealing melee damage)
  • 6: Mangle: Your primary damage ability for feral. Does damage, slows your target, and awards 6: combo points.
  • 6: Ferocious bite: Your primary finishing move when you have 5 combo points.
  • 6: Rake: your target bleeds, ticks for damage over time & awards one combo point.
  • 6: Prowl: You move slightly slower but you are hard to see (use when out of combat to sneak around things you don’t want to kill. At higher levels, you will have opening moves that only work when prowl is active).
  • 10: Tiger’s fury: Increases your damage done and gives you 60 energy. This is a nice cooldown to kill things faster.
  • 16: Shred: Does more damage than mangle and awards combo points. Must be behind your target, so use this in instances instead of mangle, when you can be behind your target.
  • 22: Swipe: Does damage to multiple targets. Use when fighting more than 2 targets.
  • 28: Faerie Fire: Decreases your target’s armor. Can be used to hit things that are far away and make them come to you instead of charging up to them.
  • 32: Pounce: Opening move that does damage and stuns your target. Use when stealthed (prowl).
  • 54(?): Ravage: Opening move you can use when stealthed (prowl). Use this if you pick up Incarnation.

Feral rotation:

Level 1 thru 5: Use wrath & moonfire to deal damage to your enemies.

Rotation hints after level 6: Rake your target, then mangle until 5 combo points and ferocious bite. With enough heirlooms at lower levels, you may resort to just spamming mangle and skipping things like rake. Ferocious bite can be used when you have 3 or more combo points when soloing, since most things won’t live to 5 combo points. When in dungeons, you want to use shred instead of mangle.

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