2. Feral Cat Leveling

Feral Leveling in Legion (v 7.0)

Cat form When you shift into cat form, you now do melee damage and you get a new set of abilities that you can only use in cat form. You can change the color of your cat form by visiting a barber shop in cities such as Orgrimar and Stormwind

Some key feral abilities:

  • 1 – Shred: This is the primary damage ability that generates combo points. For the first few levels, run around shredding everything in sight.
  • 3 – Ferocious Bite: This is your first finisher move. You can spend combo points (up to 5 points) to bite things and do large amounts of damage.
  • 5 – Prowl : You can stealth (become hard for enemies to see) when you are out of combat. A typical opening move would be to use prowl to get behind something, and then shred them to do 20% more damage on your opening move. You can also use prowl to be sneaky and get past things when you don’t want them to attack you.
  • 6 – Rake: Causes your target to bleed (damage over time – DOT). This bleed effect also makes shred do more damage.
  • 12 – Tiger’s fury: A cooldown that generates energy and increases damage.
  • 14 – Thrash: An area of effect (AOE) ability that applies a bleed DOT effect.
  • 20 – Rip: A single target finisher that applies a bleed DOT effect. Useful when you have 5 combo points and things are still high on health, and thus a ferocious bite would drain your energy without killing the mob.
  • 32 – Swipe: An area of effect (AOE) ability. Spam this for AOE after you apply a thrash.
  • 48 Berserk – Cooldown that reduces energy costs & increases maximum energy.

Feral leveling rotation:

For single-target leveling, shred is your primary damage ability. When things die quickly, you can use shred, rake, and ferocious bite as your primary damage abilities. For AOE, you can use thrash and then spam swipe. Feel free to use your damage boosting cooldowns as much as you want!

Talent choices!

  • Level 15: Lunar Inspiration would be my choice for leveling. It allows you to use moonfire in cat form as your opener to pull mobs that are far away while also generating a combo point. Alternatively, blood scent is a good passive damage increase on bleeding targets if you don’t need to moonfire things in cat form.
  • Level 30: Renewal is my choice for leveling here, so that you can quickly heal yourself up. Alternatively, wild charge lets you charge up to your target quickly.
  • Level 45: This lets you choose an affinity to one of the other specs. Guardian (shift into bear form more survivability and tankiness) or restoration (more healing abilities to keep yourself alive in a pinch) seem to both be viable utility options for soloing. If you go resto affinity at 45, you might be able to drop renewal in favor of wild charge or displacer beast for better movement abilities.
  • Level 60: Choose whatever form of crowd control you like better.
  • Level 75: Soul of the Forest is the easiest passive ability for leveling. Both incarnation and savage roar are designed more for end-game damage dealing. Incarnation could also potentially be useful as a damage cooldown for more experienced players if you consistently use the cooldown
  • Level 90: The level 90 talents are a little more interesting. At this point, Jagged Wounds might be helpful for soloing things that die quickly (your bleeds tick faster). Elune’s Guidance might also be helpful as an ability to give you combo points faster as you level. I’d avoid sabertooth for leveling, unless you are doing a lot of dungeons where things die slowly.
  • Level 100: You can pretty much pick whatever you want here for leveling the last 10 levels. Brutal Slash is helpful for AOE damage if you are killing groups of things (replaces swipe with a better ability). Bloodtalons helps if you find you are having to stop and heal yourself with healing touch a lot (which you might not do much of if you take renewal or resto affinity that give heals with shorter cast times). Otherwise, moment of clarity increases your energy and modifies how omen of clarity works for giving you energy-free abilities, so it could work okay as a passive thing you don’t have to pay attention to.


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