8. Q&A and links to additional resources

8. Q&A and links to additional resources  – COMING SOON!
(More guides will be added as people update things. I removed a lot of stuff that wasn’t up to date, and some links may not be fully updated).

Q: Who is ALAMO and how do I learn 2 play Durids?

Q: What is the druid song?


3 comments on “8. Q&A and links to additional resources
  1. Jeff Dunn says:

    I am looking for a second opinion on my Druid’s reforge. Currently I am 481iL. I am having to blow everything and work my arse off to do 35k hps where as the shaman and pally in our ten mans are doing 60k-70k hps with less effort. Not used to coming in last in healing done so looking for some advice on my reforge and geming selection.

    1. Tank – Life-bloom 3x and rejuv on CD with Swift-mend on CD.
    2. Tank/Raid – Nourish for lite topping off and healing touch for heavy damage.
    3. Raid – Wild Growth is kept on CD during most fights.

    Mana is an issue when I go all out to reach the upper 30’s in HPS, I find myself without mana and have to just stand there waiting on regen. If I hold back and stay around 25k hps I end fights with around 10 percent mana.


  2. David Bowman says:

    Recently I had to choose between a Partisan Polearm of Agility (40 AGI) and a Partisan Polearm of Power (80 Attack Power). I picked AGI because Ferals are married to AGI (except in Alaska, where it’s illegal) and because AGI increases crit chance in addition to AP, right? If not, in theory there wouldn’t be any difference between those two weapons.

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