6. Resto healing leveling

Restoration low level healing advice (5.0)

At level 10, you can choose “restoration” from the list of specializations. Resto is recommended for healing in instances but not solo.

Low level healing spells & abilities

  • Level 4: Rejuvenation – Low mana cost, instant-cast Heal over Time (HOT) spell.
  • 10: Swiftmend – Instant direct heal. Requires a HOT to be on your target.
  • 12: Nourish - Low mana cost, long cast time, direct heal. Heals for more when there is a HOT on the target.
  • 18: Regrowth – High mana cost, Short cast time direct flash heal with a short lasting Heal over time (HOT) Spell. Has a pretty high critical strike chance.
  • 26: Healing touch – High mana cost, long cast time direct heal, hits harder than nourish or regrowth.
  • 36 – Lifebloom – A HOT that stacks up to 3 times on one target, lasts 15 sec. Put this on your tank. Direct heals from nourish, regrowth, or healing touch will refresh the timer on lifebloom.

Healing advice: We don’t get access to our AOE heals (tranquility, wild growth, or wild mushroom: Bloom) until pretty late in leveling. There isn’t a set rotation at lower levels. You definitely want to take advantage of all the above healing tools, plus the other utility options you have available as you level.

Stats & Gearing: Intellect is the primary stat for resto druids. Spirit is also important for resto to give you mana regen. (see balance gearing section for more info on gearing a caster druid for leveling).

Major Glyphs: choose from these:

  • glyph of Rejuvenation (reduces your cast time on nourish when you have rejuv on 3 or more targets)
  • Regrowth (increases your crit chance on regrowth, but removes the HOT component)
  • Healing Touch (reduces the cooldown on your swiftmend when you cast HT)
  • Rebirth (when you use rebirth, they will pop up with more health and mana)

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