6. Resto healing leveling

Restoration low level healing advice (7.0)

Restoration is primarily used for healing in dungeons, so you may not use this much until you unlock the dungeon finder at 15. Restoration druids are primarily designed to use Heal Over Time (HOT) spells. At level 15 when dungeon finder unlocks, you have access to: Regrowth (single-target direct heal with a HOT) and rejuvenation (a single-target HOT), and swiftmend (an instant-cast direct heal). You also have access to your level 15 talents, where I’d recommend Cenarion Ward so you can put shields on your tank.

Low level healing spells & abilities

    • 10 – Regrowth: Single-target direct heal with a HOT component.
    • 10 – Rejuvenation (rejuv): A single-target HOT you can cast on multiple people.
    • 10 – Solar Wrath & moonfire are damage spells you can use in caster form.
    • 12 – Swiftmend: A single target burst heal on a 30 second cooldown.
    • 14 – Revive: Out of combat, you can resurrect a team member (bring a fallen team member back to life).
    • 18 – Nature’s Cure: Removes a magic, curse, and poison debuffs from your team members. Low level dungeons often have debuffs where removing them will reduce the amount of healing you have to do.
    • 26 – Healing Touch: A direct heal with a long cast time that is more mana efficient than regrowth.
    • 32 – Lifebloom: A HOT you can put on a tank (e.g., limited to 1 person at a time) that has a large burst heal if it expires on the target.
    • 44 – Revitalize: Resurrect your entire party/raid out of combat.
    • 52 – Ironbark: Tank cooldown (a 1.5 minute timer that reduces the damage taken by your target).
    • 56- Rebirth: Resurrect a team member IN Combat (combat res spell).
    • 64 – Wild Growth: An area of effect (AOE) heal – Applies a HOT to multiple targets at a time on a 10 second cooldown.
    • 72 – Tranquility: Group channeled heal on a 3 min cooldown.
    • 83 – Efflorescence: A ground-targeted heal where people standing in the mushroom circle can get healed.

Early healing advice: With only regrowth, swiftmend, and rejuv early on, you mostly want to put rejuv on everyone & then use regrowth when people get low (you can use more healing touch in place of regrowths at higher level). Swiftmend will help you get burst healing. You don’t get good AOE group healing tools until higher level (wildgrowth, tranquility, and efflorescence), meaning that leveling as a resto druid has significant challenges for healing in dungeons.

Talent Builds:

Keep in mind that the suggestion for leveling builds significantly differs from end-game healing builds. Thus, the talents you will want to emphasize will change as you get higher level. Talents also have interactions where they become stronger when you go with a specific build (such as a prosperity/soul of the forest build; or an Abundance/cultivation/germination build).

  • Level 15: Cenarion Ward gives another button that is helpful at low levels, but less helpful at high levels. You would place cenarion ward on your tanks for them to get an extra healing bonus when they take damage. At higher levels (after you pick up more spells), you can swap to prosperity (an extra charge of swiftmend) or abundance (a crit bonus to regrowth, plus healing touch cast time reduction based on on spreading around lots of rejuvs on various targets).
  • Level 30: Either displacer beast or wild charge can work as movement escape talents. Renewal only heals you (can’t cast it on others), so only pick up renewal if you are having problems surviving at low levels.
  • Level 45: You can choose one of two ‘affinity’ specs that will increase your damage. Balance affinity will increase the range of your spells by 5 yards, and give you ranged damage spells you can cast. Feral affinity gives you increased movement speed plus melee damage abilities you can use in cat form.  Guardian affinity isn’t recommended for leveling resto druids. For the affinity talents, you stay in your Resto gear and then just change forms (such as shifting to cat for feral affinity) to do damage.
  • 60: Any crowd control talent can work but you are more likely to use typhoon to push things away from you.
  • 75: Leveling builds should favor Cultivation (when someone has a rejuv on them and gets low, another HOT is applied to them, meaning you get decent passive healing to help save low health characters). Raiding builds and more end-game content will alternatively favor Soul of the Forest, paired with Prosperity (level 15), and then follow Swiftmend with Wild Growth casts.
  • 90: Any of these healing bonuses can have uses for leveling. Spring Blossoms applies a short-term HOT on people who are healed by standing in your efflorescence healing circle. Inner Peace reduces the cooldown of tranquility (from 3 mins to 2 mins), allowing you to cast tranquility more often. Culvination allows rejuv to heal people more when they drop below 60% health.
  • 100: Stonebark is likely the easiest leveling talent to use in dungeons. This reduces the Ironbark cooldown (so you can cast it on your tank 1x per minute) and increases your HOTs effectiveness on the person when ironbark is active.

5 comments on “6. Resto healing leveling
  1. Claes Jakobsson says:

    Since we cant double specc until later on, resto is non viable at earlier levels.
    I had no problem levelling yesterday as a resto, after the patch, cant make any damage at all….
    not even on thugs 2 levels below me…

    if i wanted a rogue i would have levelled one, not a wannabe cat



    • Lissanna says:

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems trying to solo level as resto. You may need to just spend most of your time in dungeons, or choose the Balance spec instead until you are higher level.

      Druid trainers (found in most major cities or in Moonglade) can teach you a different spec besides resto, but it costs gold to do it (not sure what the respec cost is at your level).

    • m says:

      Keep in mind that as resto, you can still go into cat form for soloing stuff. It’s slower than before since you’re limited to a builder and finisher, but it’s not too bad for questing. In general, start with Moonfire, shift into cat form (i recommend keybinding it and this will become second nature in no time), and just build/finish until they go down.

  2. Karis says:


    So i chose resto and at lvl 45 i suck as a healer. I though i had a pretty solid rotation but the past 2 or 3 lvls have been getting harder and harder to heal. Please help!

  3. Talyrr says:

    I’ve found that since 6.0 I’m doing much more damage in resto than in feral while level just using shred and ferocious bite. It’s boring but gets the job done, and I don’t have to carry around two sets of gear for when I want to switch to balance.

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