6. Resto healing leveling

Restoration low level healing advice (6.0)

At level 10, you can choose “restoration” from the list of specializations. Resto is recommended for healing in instances but not solo. However, you can’t join dungeons until level 15 (and healing as resto won’t be good until 18 when you get regrowth), so from 10 to 15 you may want to choose balance or feral for leveling instead.

Low level healing spells & abilities

  • Level 4: Rejuvenation – Low mana cost, instant-cast Heal over Time (HOT) spell.
  • 10: Swiftmend – Instant direct heal. Requires a HOT to be on your target.
  • 12: Revive – Bring people back to life after they die.
  • 18: Regrowth – High mana cost, Short cast time direct flash heal with a short lasting Heal over time (HOT) Spell. Has a pretty high critical strike chance.
  • 26: Healing Touch – High mana cost, long cast time direct heal, hits harder than nourish or regrowth.
  • 30 Nature’s Swiftness – Makes your next Healing Touch, Regrowth, or Rebirth instant cast. I recommend using this on Healing Touch.
  • Level 30 talent – I recommend Cenarion Ward for early in leveling due to giving you another ability you can use on people. You can swap this out to something else later in leveling when you have more buttons.
  • 36: Lifebloom – A HOT that you can only have on one person at a time. Put this on your tank. Direct heals from regrowth or healing touch will refresh the timer on lifebloom.
  • 44: barkskin – You take less damage for a short time.
  • 56: Rebirth – Resurrect a dead ally in combat, to return them to the fight.
  • 74: Tranquility – a big area of effect (AOE) heal that helps save your team. 8 minute cooldown. You have to stand still and channel this ability for the duration.
  • 76: Wild Growth – Another AOE heal on a much shorter cooldown. A 1.5 second cast time, this ticks on multiple people over time.
  • 84: Wild Mushroom –This is an AOE HOT that radiates from where the mushroom is placed on the ground. Target this under the feet of people who are grouped up.

Healing advice 10 to 18: Right now, until level 18, you only get rejuv (a HOT), and swiftmend (on a 15 sec cooldown). I suggest playing a different spec until 18, and then coming back to healing unless you are leveling with friends.

Healing Advice 18 – 60: Gaining regrowth now makes you viable for dungeon healing. You should put rejuv on multiple party members, and use swiftmend/regrowth as direct healing when people get low on health. When you have lifebloom, you want to keep it on a tank at all times.

However, we still don’t get access to our AOE heals (tranquility, wild growth, or wild mushroom) until pretty late in leveling. So, druid healing gets better as we get access to more tools.

Stats & Gearing: Intellect is the primary stat for resto druids. Spirit is also important for resto to give you mana regen.

Major Glyphs: Decent glyphs for 5-man healing:

  • glyph of Rejuvenation
  • glyph of Regrowth
  • glyph of Healing Touch
  • glyph of blooming
5 comments on “6. Resto healing leveling
  1. Claes Jakobsson says:

    Since we cant double specc until later on, resto is non viable at earlier levels.
    I had no problem levelling yesterday as a resto, after the patch, cant make any damage at all….
    not even on thugs 2 levels below me…

    if i wanted a rogue i would have levelled one, not a wannabe cat



    • Lissanna says:

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems trying to solo level as resto. You may need to just spend most of your time in dungeons, or choose the Balance spec instead until you are higher level.

      Druid trainers (found in most major cities or in Moonglade) can teach you a different spec besides resto, but it costs gold to do it (not sure what the respec cost is at your level).

    • m says:

      Keep in mind that as resto, you can still go into cat form for soloing stuff. It’s slower than before since you’re limited to a builder and finisher, but it’s not too bad for questing. In general, start with Moonfire, shift into cat form (i recommend keybinding it and this will become second nature in no time), and just build/finish until they go down.

  2. Karis says:


    So i chose resto and at lvl 45 i suck as a healer. I though i had a pretty solid rotation but the past 2 or 3 lvls have been getting harder and harder to heal. Please help!

  3. Talyrr says:

    I’ve found that since 6.0 I’m doing much more damage in resto than in feral while level just using shred and ferocious bite. It’s boring but gets the job done, and I don’t have to carry around two sets of gear for when I want to switch to balance.

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