Resto druid 110 healing in 7.2.5

How to heal as a 110 restoration druid in Legion.

This is an introduction to healing as a restoration druid. This is written at a beginner/intermediate level.

Have questions? Ask resto druid experts on the Dreamgrove Discord server! When you are in the resto channel, make sure you check the Pins for helpful up-to-date info!

Druids looking for advanced help can also look at the additional resources, such as Questionably Epic.

Patch 7.2.5 Restoration druid changes

  • Resto druids were coming ahead a little too strong and thus received a minor 4% nerf that really isn’t something to worry about at this point. Resto will still be competitive and otherwise got no substantial changes to spells.
  • The cultivation talent was also nerfed, but you’ll still want to use it for most situations.
  • The Aman’thul’s Wisdom legendary shoulders were also nerfed, making it much more situational, but useful if you have the T19 set bonuses.
  • Chameleon’s Song is a new legendary helm that looks like it might be pretty good for getting more wild growth targets during the duration of the buff.
  • The Soul of the Archdruid ring is much better for balance than resto at this point in testing, but it does potentially have some uses.
  • Darkmoon Cards can be upgraded to 900 ilevel, which makes it pretty good.

Table of contents (Click on links to view pages!):

  1. Description of spells
  2. New Mastery
  3. Artifact Weapon
  4. Talents
  5. Dungeon & Raid Healing Strategy
  6. Stats and Gear
  7. Consumables, gearing, & Links for other resources


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