Resto druid 100 healing in 6.2

How to heal as a 100 restoration druid in Warlords of Draenor.

Version: 6.2 (updated 10/13/2014)

This is an introduction to healing as a restoration druid. This is written at a beginner/intermediate level. Druids looking for advanced help should look at the additional resource links provided (coming soon!). This is a preliminary guide for level 100 resto druids based on beta testing.  For level 90, please refer to the level 90 survival guide.

There are no real 6.2 changes for resto druids that should have much impact on the guide content. Thus, no major revisions were done for 6.2 content.

 6.0 spell and talent changes:

Restoration druids underwent a number of changes this expansion that will ultimately have large impacts on healing style for the 6.0 patch (but no major changes in 6.2). If you are returning to the game to start WOD healing after an extended break, below are the major things to be aware of:

  • Major changes to gearing and HOT mechanics mean that there are no HOT haste breakpoints (haste now scales linearly with HOTs). Haste and mastery are the preferred stats, with crit and the new versatility and multistrike being slightly weaker. There is no more reforging. Spirit is only found on accessories, with regen balanced as a result.
  • Wild mushroom changes: No longer has a bloom direct heal effect. Instead, it just provides a short Efflorescence ground-targeted HOT and then goes away after the 30 second duration ends. Swiftmend no longer provides efflorescence.
  • Wild Growth change: Now has a cast time.
  • Talent changes: Many talents have been modified. See the updated talent section.
  • Spell removals: Nourish, innervate, symbiosis, and several other spells have been removed.

Table of contents (Click on links to view pages!):

  1. healing part 1: Description of Healing spells
  2. Healing part 2: Mastery, symbiosis, and other spells
  3. Healing part 3: Tank and raid healing advice
  4. Resto: Talents
  5. Resto: Glyphs
  6. Resto: Stats and Gearing
  7. Consumables, Gems, and Enchants


Other Helpful MOP resources for resto druids:

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