Resto 90 healing in 5.4

How to heal as a 90 restoration druid in Mists of Pandaria.

Version: 5.4 (updated 9/8/2013 for 5.4)

This is an introduction to healing as a restoration druid. This is written at a beginner/intermediate level. Druids looking for advanced help should look at the additional resource links provided.

  5.4 spell and talent changes:

Restoration druids underwent a number of changes in the last patch that will ultimately have large impacts on healing style.

  • Innervate restores mana based on spirit, with restoring at least 8% of total mana. This slightly increases the value of spirit.
  • Wild mushroom changes: Only 1 shroom (total). It still absorbs rejuv overhealing. When you move your shroom, it keeps that absorbed value (so, moving it has no real cost). The shroom placement has a 3 second cooldown to prevent spamming abuse. Depending on glyphs, you can either target shrooms at the feet of a person or directly on the ground using the targeting circle (glyph of the sprouting mushroom – minor).
  • Glyph of Efflorescence is now fairly important for raiding druids. Glyph of lifebloom (the target swap glyph) was baked in baseline. This was replaced with a glyph that moved efflorescence from swiftmend to mushrooms. When your shroom is out, anyone standing near it is healed by efflorescence. You can now use swiftmend as emergency burst healing, instead of a vehicle for efflorescence.
  • Genesis is a new ability. It makes rejuv tick faster on all your targets. This is helpful when you need to speed up the healing from rejuv and/or charge shrooms.
  • Talent changes: Dream of Cenarius, heart of the wild, nature’s vigil, and soul of the forest have both undergone some changes for resto druids (mostly buffs for all four). Nature’s Swiftness is now baseline for resto druids, and was replaced with a new talent: Ysera’s Gift (see talent section).

 Overall healing style changes in 5.4:  The changes to the healing shroom spell are actually huge. You will now use shrooms as the center for your efflorescence. You can move the shroom along with the group during movement encounters. The changes to efflorescence, shrooms, and genesis overall make your AOE healing substantially stronger. When using the efflorescence glyph, you now change how swiftmend fits into your toolset (as a direct heal instead of the vehicle for an AOE heal). You will also have to watch your harmony mastery more if you find that you aren’t using swiftmend every time it comes off cooldown.

Table of contents (Click on links to view pages!):

  1. healing part 1: Description of Healing spells
  2. Healing part 2: Mastery, symbiosis, and other spells
  3. Healing part 3: Tank and raid healing advice
  4. Resto: Talents
  5. Resto: Glyphs
  6. Resto: Stats and Gearing
  7. Consumables, Gems, and Enchants


Other Helpful MOP resources for resto druids:

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