2. Healing part 2

Part 2: Additional resto spells & mastery 

Other abilities for resto druids:

  • Ironbark: 1 minute cooldown. Can be cast on other people. Reduces the damage they take by 20% for 12 seconds. This is our tank damage reduction tool. Work out with your tank & other healers in your raids to figure out when the most appropriate times for using this will be. In 5-mans, use this whenever your tank is getting hit pretty hard.
  • Barkskin: 1 minute cooldown. Can only be cast on yourself. Reduces the damage you take by 20% for 12 seconds. This is your personal survival cooldown.
  • Nature’s Cure:8 second cooldown. Allows you to remove 1 magic, curse, and poison effect. All of our dispels are in this one button.
  • Mark of the Wild: This increases your party/raid’s strength, agility, intellect, and versatility. Same buff as paladin Kings (so only one of the two can be on someone at a time).
  • Rebirth: In-combat resurrection. Cooldown is 10 minutes, but there is a limited number of times your group can resurect. They changed thecombat res mechanic for raids. In a raid, your combat res ability will show the number of the shared pool of charges remaining for the boss encounter across all raid/party members. A 20-person raid would share 1 charge every (90/20 =) 4.5 minutes, or one charge every (90/10 =) 9 minutes in a 10-person raid.
  • Genesis (instant cast) is a spell that eats all your rejuvs on all your targets and makes their remaining healing applied rapidly. This spell doesn’t add any extra healing, so it is an emergency burst healing button that should not be used very often. It takes a lot of time and mana to use Genesis, for very little in return. All new players should avoid using Genesis at all, since this spell is likely to hurt you more than help you. Advanced players are likely to find times when this is useful.

Mastery: Our Harmony mastery increases all direct healing done. In addition, casting direct healing spells grants an additional bonus to periodic healing for 20 seconds. Each point of mastery on gear increases each bonus by an additional amount. Healing Touch, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are considered direct healing spells for the purposes of refreshing this Mastery buff. Note that the duration lasts long enough that using Swiftmend every time it comes off cooldown is enough to keep our mastery up all the time.

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