2. Healing part 2

Part 2: Additional resto spells & mastery  (updated 9/8/2013 for patch 5.4)

Other abilities for resto druids:

  • Genesis: Speeds up the healing done by your current rejuvenation spells on all raid members. The ticks will finish more quickly. A situational spell for burst healing periods when you need to get people healed up quickly, and for priming your shrooms.
  • Ironbark: 1 minute cooldown. Can be cast on other people. Reduces the cooldown they take by 20% for 12 seconds. This is our new tank damage reduction tool. Work out with your tank & other healers in your raids to figure out when the most appropriate times for using this will be. In 5-mans, use this whenever your tank is getting hit pretty hard. With the new 1 minute cooldown, you may sometimes be able to cast this on people other than your tank who are taking heavy damage.
  • Barkskin: 1 minute cooldown. Can only be cast on yourself.
  • Nature’s Cure: 8 second cooldown. Allows you to remove 1 magic, curse, and poison effect. All of our dispels are in this one button.
  • Mark of the Wild: This increases your party/raid’s strength, agility, and intellect. Same buff as paladin Kings (so only one of the two can be on someone at a time).
  • Innervate: When you cast innervate on yourself, you regen 20% of your mana. When you cast it on someone else, they regenerate 10% of their mana. You should use this on yourself to help you replenish your mana.
  • Rebirth: In-combat resurrection. Cooldown is 10 minutes, but the raid group can only res 1 person per fight in 10-mans, or up to 3 reses per fight in 25-mans. Warlock & DK’s in-combat res abilities count towards this total. They now resurrect at 60% health without the glyph, so the glyph is no longer mandatory. You can use addons to track battle reses in raids.

Mastery: Mastery is a bonus you get for choosing restoration as your talent spec focus. Mastery is also a stat on high-level gear.

Our current mastery is called harmony.

Harmony increases direct healing, and casting direct healing spells grants an additional bonus to periodic healing for 20 seconds. Each point of mastery on gear increases each bonus by an additional amount. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are considered direct healing spells for the purposes of this Mastery. Note that the duration lasts long enough that using Swiftmend every time it comes off cooldown is enough to keep our mastery up all the time.

Symbiosis for Resto druids

Symbiosis is a new spell. When you cast it on another player, you gain one of their spells, and they gain one of yours. This duplicates the spell, so that both players keep their existing tools. The person you cast it on will need to drag the new symbiosis spell button to their spell bar. So, when running PUGs with players you don’t know, assume that the other player won’t use it and just cast it on whoever gives you the best benefit (I’ll usually cast on mages when I’m running PUGs).

For raids, tanks are always the preferred target. After both tanks are covered in 25-mans, I’d recommend shadow priests to give them the healing cooldown and be able too use leap of faith to pull raid members out of bad (or to troll them if that’s how you roll). Outside of that, it may have fight-specific uses. After that, go with any fight-specific things that may be helpful. Otherwise, go with what gives you the best benefit.

Get an addon such as “symbioteller” to help you manage symbiosis. The symbioteller addon adds text to the symbiosis tooltip to tell you mouse-over someone that says what you will get & what you give to them.

Restoration Gains
Restoration Gives
Good or bad?
Death KnightIcebound Fortitude (survivability)Tank: Might of Ursoc
DPS: Wild mushrooms spread plagues
Druid gets something similar to barkskin. We give a survival cooldown to tanks. For DPS, shrooms aren't very helpful.
HunterDeterrence (survivability)Dash (movement speed)Similar to barkskin for druids, dash isn't that helpful to hunters.
MageIce block (survivability)healing touch (2.5 sec cast healing spell)I would recommend iceblock over other options because it gives you something that isn't redundant with barkskin. The HT isn't that great for mages.
MonkFortifying brew (survivability)Healer: Roots
DPS: bear hug
Tank: Survival Instincts
Similar to barkskin for druids; Tanks get a survival cooldown. The other two specs don't get helpful PVE things.
PaladinCleanse (Remove disease)Tank: Barkskin
DPS: wrath
Healer: Rebirth
The disease cleanse is only really helpful if the fight has diseases (unlikely). Tank gets a survival cooldown. In a 10-man, another rebirth could be helpful if you are the only other bres.
PriestLeap of Faith (pull a target to you)Healers: Cyclone
DPS: tranquility
Useful for shadow priests to have tranquility for the raid. Leap of Faith gives you a new fun tool.
RogueEvasion (survivability)Growl (lets the rogue tank briefly)The dodge from evasion is only useful against melee damage. If the fight requires your rogue to tank, then maybe it could be useful.
ShamanSpiritwalker grace (cast while moving)DPS: Solar Beam
Healers: Prowl
Spiritwalker's grace is useful for being able to cast tranquility on the move. Solar beam and prowl have limited PvE use.
WarlockDC: Teleport (you teleport to where the warlock's demonic circle is)Rejuv (healing spell)The teleport does have some situational uses. Rejuv for the warlock also has some situational use.
WarriorIntimidating roar (crowd control)Tank: Savage Defense
DPS: Stampeding shout: (AOE movement speed increase)
You are unlikely to need the CC ability. Tanks get a survivability cooldown. The DPS movement speed buff has uses in some fights.


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