3. Artifact Weapon

3. Artifact Weapon

The artifact weapon is a new system being implemented in Legion. Each specialization has a weapon made just for them. It’s the only weapon you will use in the Legion expansion. This replaces the “legendary” questlines of previous expansions (e.g., cloak or ring quest). At level 100 in the start of Legion leveling, you can choose one artifact weapon to level. At 102, you can unlock the remaining 3 druid weapons. Here is some general artifact advice:

  • As you level, you pick up items that help you level your artifact weapon. The goal is to maximize your gold bordered artifact traits. The artifact traits start out inexpensive to unlock and require exponentially more artifact power for each subsequent unlock. It will take several months to complete an artifact weapon.
  • The resto artifact uses Frost and Life relics for increasing your weapon’s ilevel. As you level, you can set your lootspec to Resto (while in a dps spec) to get the proper relic quest rewards when handing in quests. When you are playing multiple specs, make sure you swap back to the proper spec before you apply artifact power (or you will apply AP to the wrong weapon).

The goal is to maximize the speed at which you unlock the three gold-bordered artifact traits. While there is a vendor that lets you “reset” your artifact tree, it is MUCH better to just not mess up the first time, as you lose a substantial amount of your artifact power if you reset the artifact tree.

There are TWO paths you can take: A) the raid path that prioritizes healing output, B) the raid path that prioritizes mana regen. Both are explained below.

Raiding build standard unlock:

Below is a general idea of what is considered the best unlocking pattern for individuals interested in doing Mythic & Heroic raids:

  • Fill in the middle traits (natural mending, blossoms, seeds of the world tree, mark of shifting).
Restoration druid artifact path

Image by Squishes from the druid discord

Alternative mana conservation build unlock:

After dreamwalker, there is however some controversy over what to pick up second.


Image by Squishes from the druid Discord.

Restoration off-spec artifact discussion:

If restoration is NOT your main spec, you are much more limited in the traits you can unlock while you are working on your other main spec (feral/balance/guardian) weapon. Thus, you are going to stop after you spend about 12 traits worth of artifact power, before unlocks get super expensive. Here is a solid 12 trait plan that picks up Dreamwalker plus the mana reduction on Wild Growth. This stops investing points when traits cost 1,000 AP and allow you to focus on your main-spec weapon after that.

What is you are resto and want a balance off-spec weapon?

I discussed some options in the balance sticky related to what you could do for off-specs. 

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