3. Healing part 3

3. General Raid healing Advice

General advice on healing raids.

Read part 1 of this guide about how our healing spells work. Your talents and how much responsibility you have with regards to tank healing will also modify your healing strategy. I will update this strategy section once we have seen more level 100 healing strategies emerge.

  • Use ironbark on your tank during times where the tank is taking heavy damage – you can coordinate this some with your other healers and the tanks.
  • Place your single lifebloom on a tank (this no longer stacks to three), or someone else taking heavy damage. While your direct heals will refresh lifebloom, the bloom is now much more useful as a burst heal if your tank is low.
  • Put Rejuvenation on your tanks and use rejuvenation on wounded targets in your raid group. You should use rejuv proactively to try to get several rejuvs sprinkled around the raid group on people likely to be taking damage in the near future (and to set up who you may want to swiftmend).
  • Use wild growth as often as you can afford to depending on your mana, particularly if there are several damaged targets to heal.
  • Swiftmend works well as an emergency direct heal to save someone from dying, similar to how we use Nature’s Swiftness combined with Healing touch (a NS+HT macro can be useful). This also works well for activating your harmony mastery. Your regrowth is mana-expensive, so the preference is to use this when omen of clarity procs.
  • Healing shrooms should be placed somewhere that 3 or more people are standing still for 30 seconds (if possible) so that you can get the full HOT effect.
  • Tranquility is also nice to use for heavy burst phases, since you should get several uses per boss fight during heavy AOE times.

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