5. Dungeon and raid healing strategies

Dungeon & raid healing strategies

General Healing Strategy:

  • Keep HOTs on a tank (e.g., Lifebloom & rejuvenation). However, don’t refresh Lifebloom until it’s about to run out (refreshing it with less than 4 seconds remaining will let it bloom). You can also let this run out if your tank isn’t taking much damage to conserve mana (e.g., aiming for around an 80% up-time).
  • When you have an omen of clarity proc, you can cast a Regrowth on the tank for an additional HOT (or use regrowth on a raid/party member if they are low).
  • Use cooldowns such as ironbark on the tank when they need the extra survivaibility (coordinate with your raid members in raids for cooldowns).
  • Keep Efflorescence on the ground (preferably underneath 3 or more people, such as the melee group).
  • Use Wild Growth as often as possible (as long as at least 3 people are lightly wounded so it will prioritize players over pets), and use other cooldowns to increase the Wild Growth healing done. How you use Wild Growth will change based on talents (see below SOTF vs Cultivation modifications).
  • For raids and parties, rejuv is a filler that you should spread on people who are lightly wounded. Apply rejuv on as many people as feasible who are taking damage. However, be cautious in your mana usage, as you don’t want to spam yourself OOM.
  • For 5-man parties, Healing Touch is a filler spell that will give you more direct healing – but you won’t often cast this in larger raiding situations.
  • Use Tranquility as often as possible (3 min cooldown, or 2 with talents). You should try to time Tranquility with large burst damage phases, if possible. You may also be asked to coordinate your raid cooldown use with your raid for timing with various encounter designs.
  • Innervate (3 min cooldown) allows for spells to be cast with no mana cost for 10 seconds. You can either cast this on yourself (e.g., in 5-mans or raids) or on others (e.g., cast it on another healer in your raids if needed).
  • Swiftmend has two roles depending on the talent build (See: SOTF versus Cultivation modifications below).

SOTF (soul of the forest) talent impact on strategy:

  • This build works by picking up Prosperity/SOTF/Flourish. This SOTF build works great for some raid encounters but falls short of Culvination in others. So, you may find yourself wanting to change talent builds around in raids depending on the encounter, particularly for more advanced mythic raids.
  • The goal of this SOTF build is maximizing Wild Growth for large group content Swiftmend’s role primarily becomes applying the SOTF bonus before you cast Wild Growth. That is, you always time it so you can follow Swiftmend immediately with Wild Growth. Thus, Swiftmend now gets used every time it comes off cooldown with the primary goal being to buff Wild Growth (e.g., save your 2nd swiftmend charge from Prosperity for the second time Wild Growth comes off cooldown). Flourish extends the duration of your HOTs (use it after Wild Growth casts once per minute). These three together make your Wild Growth healing incredibly potent for raiding.
  • Your main SOTF cast sequence looks like: Swiftmend -> Wild Growth -> Flourish -> Essence of G’Hanir (at level 110). Chaining these 4 spells together (whenever their cooldowns line up) is incredibly potent in raids.
  • With this build, be extra careful managing your mana between Wild Growth Casts, so you can cast Wild Growth as often as possible.

Cultivation talent build impact:

  • This focuses on maximizing your rejuv use (with bonus rejuv stacking from Germination & Cultivation) and maximizing your mastery bonuses. With this build, the primary role of Swiftmend is as an emergency instant-cast direct heal to save tanks or other party/raid members. SOTF was popular at the beginning of the expansion but has fallen out of favor as the expansion has progressed.
  • The rejuv-focused strategy rotation modifications: Keep HOTs on tank (rejuv, lifebloom, regrowth). Cast stonebark (plus Cenarion Ward if you have it) as often as possible. Keep casting rejuvs on any party member taking moderate damage in that fight (you can stack 2 rejuvs per person). Use your Healing Touch and regrowth spells for direct healing when needed (HT is speedy when you have abundance). Use Swiftmend as an emergency burst direct healing cooldown to save a tank or other party member from death.
  • Choosing between Abundance & Cenarion Ward: Given that tank healing matters more for 5-mans, abundance (with a ton of rejuvs spread around) will make your direct heals super fast. Healing Touch can actually drop below 1 second cast times. However, some people prefer Cenarion Ward over Abundance, since the speedy direct heals from Abundance are causing some people to run out of mana too quickly. The HOT from Cenarion Ward (after the person takes damage) also counts towards the mastery bonus, making it good for stacking more HOT effects on your tank.
  • Choosing between Stonebark & Flourish: For 5-mans, Stonebark can be useful, especially if you are struggling to keep the tank alive. As stonebark is passive, it’s an easy to use new player talent. However, Flourish is better in cases when tank deaths aren’t your limiting factor for success, since Flourish is particularly useful for extending the duration of rejuvs and wild growth HOTs that are spread all over your party/raid.
  • Be careful that you don’t spam yourself out of mana. Instead, focus on only casting HOTs on people who are taking damage. As fun as keeping 10 Rejuvs up on a party at the same time might be, don’t run OOM!

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13 comments on “5. Dungeon and raid healing strategies
  1. Melanie says:

    Just commenting that currently the Glyph of Lifebloom is bugged. When you swap stacks of Lifebloom to another target, the new duration is only 10 seconds, not 15 like it should be.
    Either it is a bugged duration, or Blizzard forgot to add the 10 second duration penalty to the glyph tooltip.

    Bug forum post here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6490399065

  2. Fred says:

    imaging tree of life + spamming lifebloom with the blooming glyph. might be good in even pve then

  3. russpalmeri says:

    Was Glyph of Regrowth nerfed since this guide was published? It now increases crit chance to 40%, not 100%, and still loses the HOT.

  4. Tommy says:

    Glyph of blooming is amazing for tsulong.

  5. kiel says:

    my question is about blooming heal glyph.
    why are you so determined this is pvp only? good restro healers can use this HoT and utilize its bloom more. timeing it with high damage situations is very effective and due to lifeblooms low cost of mana it can be used to do big heals on low mana. just think that smart healers can use it and do better with it .

    • Lissanna says:

      Lifebloom does such a small portion of druids’ healing these days in raids that the burst heal portion isn’t really worth timing. You end up doing less healing if you spend more time on a low-priority heal.

  6. Loco says:

    I’m surprised you don’t recommend the glyph of grace (minor) to take less damage on falls when out of cat form.

  7. Chuck says:

    Great post. Been gone for over a year and this was really helpful!!

  8. Lykken says:

    So, I find this interesting.

    I use the regrowth glyph. When I cast regrowth, it hits for just under 25k, every single time (hence the 100% crit).

    When I cast healing touch, it’ll hit for 20k (crit) and often times, hits for 6k. I suspect this probably isn’t suppose to happen but it does and it’s repeatable.

    Shouldn’t healing touch always heal more than regrowth?

    Here is the armory link for my toon: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ysera/Lyyken/simple

    Note: I am enchanting mastery since it is the first, preferred stat.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Ary says:

      That’s definitely wrong. My healing touch crits for 44k and heals for ~22k otherwise. This is at a 653 ilvl, unbuffed. 6k still seems low, tbh. My regrowth crits for 27k always thanks to the glyph.

    • Eldonor says:

      I think that was just a Multistrike, Lykken 😉

  9. FoxRings says:

    Has anyone found a healing mod replacement for Grid?

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