6. Resto stats and gear

6. Stats & Gear 

Basic Resto stat priority:
Stat Priority (subject to change): Intellect (higher ilevel) > Spirit (0n accessories) > Haste = Mastery > Multi-strike > Crit > Versatility (if you see something with “bonus armor”, that’s a tank item).

Explanation: In general, higher item level is going to win out over secondary stats. Spirit is going to be rare, and will only be present on a few of your accessory items. There is some debate as to whether haste or mastery is better than the other, suggesting they are close enough that both are generally good.

Stat descriptions & more details:

  • Stamina – Increases your health. This will be on all your gear, but it’s not super important.
  • Intellect –  Increases your spell power. This is your primary stat on gear. Intellect is important enough that higher ilevel pieces are almost always worth picking up. Note that some gear you find will have agility grayed-out on it as you level closer to 100; this is because your primary stat now swaps with you if you swap into feral/guardian spec.
  • Spirit –  Increases your mana regen.  This is only available on accessories such as rings and necklaces. Your main gear (chest, boots, etc) will not have spirit on it.
  • Haste– Makes your spells cast faster and lowers the global cooldown. They changed how HOTs scale with haste, such that you get a linear benefit (e.g., no more breakpoints) to the increase in number of ticks (e.g., a ‘partial tick’ is always paid out in the end).
  • Mastery– Increases your direct healing, as well as the effectiveness of your Harmony buff that makes your HOTs stronger.
  • Crit– Your direct heals and HOT ticks can all score critical strikes. In addition, your direct heals can apply living seed. Generally a weaker stat for resto druids.
  • Multi-strike- Your direct heals and HOTs have a chance to heal for a bonus amount on your primary target. These bonus effects are at 30% effectiveness of the main heal.
  • Versatility- Increases both damage and healing done, as well as reduces the damage you take. This ‘hybrid’ stat is slightly less effective at providing main-role bonuses than other stats.

Other gear augmentations: There is a chance for you to get items with various types of augmentations (though it would be highly unlikely to have more than one augmentation). These augmentations include: Warforged (higher item level), extra sockets (as sockets will be more rare), and tertiary stats (see below).

Tertiary Stats: Some gear has a small chance to roll random tertiary stats at level 100. These will have relatively minor impacts, and will not be frequently available. If you get tertiary stats on your gear, any of them have decent bonuses.

  • Movement Speed: increases your movement speed
  • Indestructible: Item does not take durability damage
  • Leech: You are healed for a portion of damage/healing done.
  • Avoidance: you take less damage from area-of-effect attacks.

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19 comments on “6. Resto stats and gear
  1. Chris says:

    Hi Lissana,

    Thanks for the website. I enjoyed it very much and found it helpful.

    I’ve kind of wondering what amount of spirit I should stack. My meters are kind of all over the place. I’ve been running lfr to try and gauge it. We’re still doing some DS10 heroic for fun and I’d kind of like to improve my game.

    This is my toon:


    If you’re able to give any input, I’d appreciate it.

    Thank you,


    • Lissanna says:

      Hi Chris, It is currently about a week before the new expansion launches and we can all level to 90. So, the best advice I can give you now is that you want enough spirit so that you are able to last the whole fight. At some point, when you are no longer running OOM, getting other stats will do more to increase your healing output. so, you may just have to work with what you have for the few raids you have left before the new expansion.

  2. Pikuni says:

    I have been starting a few 10-man MSV my Druid by far should be able to push more stronger heals, the 3rd boss in MSV a healer has 30 sec to heal myself and two others that go in the totum, (spirit realm) during this time my heals are weak any advice be great on how to boost my healing my current item is 481

  3. Kara says:


    Your site has helped a ton with my rotations and stat prioritisation (thanks, by the way xD), but I’ve been wondering about one thing…
    Is it worth reforging a little bit of mastery to haste to if it’ll push me up to a breakpoint? I’ve already reforged as much crit as I can to spirit/haste, and I’m just a couple hundred haste down from where I’d like to be. (Due to time constraints and gear level I don’t run current-expansion raids, if that’s at all relevant.)

    Thank you!

  4. Ryan says:

    I have a question in a similar vein. I’m currently at a point with my gear where I can reforge/gem and hit the next haste cap, but I’m wondering if it’s really worth the loss of mastery/spirit it would take to do so. I believe Askmrrobot has me drop 2080 spirit and 3.5% mastery to get the 8.96% haste im missing to cap it. So from 10600 spirit down to 8531, is that still enough mana regen to be effective?

    • Lissanna says:

      At this gearing point, the only breakpoint I recommend is the 12.52% breakpoint (assuming you have the 5% haste buff) that equals 3043 haste. I should probably send Askmrrobot a message about wanting to stop at that breakpoint overall.

  5. Jim says:

    This whole thing is wrong. All you need is 860 haste then mastery. All the toons are healed to full before you even get those last extra ticks. Drop the haste and fix your toon. Strong heals > overhealing extra ticks.

    • Lissanna says:

      With how easy it is to get to the 3K Haste breakpoint, it is generally worth trying for, and is what the EJ thread recommends.

    • Chug says:

      While it is true that overhealing is usually frowned upon, the buff they’ve given to Wild Mushroom causes all that overhealing to account for itself when it’s really needed, and haste makes it much easier to get them charged quick while the party/raid is still at full health. Your raid healing will suffer if you opt for mastery over haste with the current patch.

  6. bob says:

    Hi, I’m a resto druid and pretty much a total noob :/
    When it comes to gear, is spirit the most important stat? And what is the least important for healers? I just want to be sure…

    • Lissanna says:

      Intellect ends up being the most important stat overall, since it is associated with higher item level gear. Spirit and mastery are both definitely useful secondary stats, with spirit being important for not running out of mana.

  7. Liellopu says:

    Hi Lissanna,

    I have some doubts about the gear transition from 5.4 -> 6.0.3

    I have the tier 16 4/4 parts and the tier bonuses are great! Even on level 100! Do you know when I can start changing my gear? I Have some 600~610 blues but I think the 4 pieces bonuses are still better.

  8. Tricia says:

    Hi Lissanna,
    As of today, 12/11/14, I am seeing conflicting stat priorities for Resto druid. Several sites now say Mastery > haste, while others still show Haste > Mastery. I was going with haste. Has the priority changed to Mastery?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Lissanna says:

      Both haste and mastery are good, and are preferred to the other secondary stats. At this point, I’m going to call haste and mastery close enough to be considered equal in importance. In general, personalizing your stats based on personalized gearing simulators is going to do more for you.

  9. Rootzi says:

    Curious, when going into Mythic’s now (currently 5/13 HFC), is there any point in which I should stop stacking haste and go back to Mastery? I’m seeing mixed setups through out Resto Druids around the world. I’m seeing some druids higher on Mastery than they are on Haste that are currently doing Mythic’s. Don’t have any examples off hand.

    • Lissanna says:

      At this point, there doesn’t seem to be a soft-cap per say for gearing the way there was in Pandaria. However, people often customize their gear based on use of simulations (used to derive personalized stay weights), or end up with some slightly lower value stat based on available gear item levels (e.g., int > haste). Mastery and haste usually sim close to each other.

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