7. FAQ for consumables, enhancements, relics, etc.

7. Resto FAQ: consumables, enhancements, and other resources

Questions can be answered on the Dreamgrove Discord server, but read this FAQ post first!

Consumables & other enhancements:


Macros & addons:


7.1.5 FAQ written by LYX on the Dreamgrove Discord server:

Neck Enchants

  • Ancient Priestess > Trained Soldier > Claw
  • Ancient Priestess was buffed in 7.1.5 to 400% SP. As long as its healing 2% of your healing or more, it will outperform the other neck enchants.
  • Trained Soldier provides 600 mastery static, and is the most “reliable” one
  • Claw provides 1000 crit & haste for 6 sec on a 2,5 PPM = 1/4 uptime thus Claw yields 250 crit & haste.

Relics: iLvl > all.

  • You want any of these traits: Persistence >= Grovewalker > Essence of Nordrassil > Rest Grovewalker = ~2,5 iLvl Persistence = ~3 iLvl

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