7. resto gems, enchants, and consumables

7. Resto gems, enchants, and consumables

TLDR summary:

  • Gems, enchants, and food provide secondary stats, where haste is generally going to be the preferred option.
  • There is a spirit weapon enchant for healers, called Mark of the Shadowmoon.
  • For flasks, they still provide primary stats, so Intellect is the preferred healer flask.

General changes:

Gems: As bonus gem sockets are random, there will be fewer sockets on your gear. These sockets also only allow for secondary stats (such as haste), and no longer provide intellect or spirit. There are also no “color” sockets to match, or helm meta-gems. Thus, haste is going to be the primary gem option. These gems are: Greater Haste Taladite, which is more powerful (and expensive) than the “Haste Taladite”.

Enchants: There are also fewer items that can be enchanted in Warlords: only necks, cloaks, rings, and weapons. There are two tiers of enchants, where “breath of Haste” is more powerful than the “Gift of Haste”.  For weapons, the Mark of the Shadowmoon provides a spirit bonus healers will want.

Flasks and potions: Intellect flasks are your only option for flasks (e.g., Greater Draenic Intellect flask, or the lesser Draenic Intellect flask). The Draenic Mana potions require fish rather than herbs to craft. If you are raiding, you will want to get an alchemy garrison building, even if you don’t have alchemy as one of your primary professions. This is because the “Alchemal catalyst” you will need to make flasks only comes from having the garrison building, and flasks will be difficult to buy early in the expansion on the AH due to the daily cooldown nature of these catalysts.

Food: The haste foods are: Frosty Stew (+75 haste) which is more powerful than the two lesser stat options: Pan-Seared Talbuk (meat version, + 50 haste) and Sturgeon Stew (fish version, +50 haste). There will be feasts available, with the best feast coming from the level 2 barn workorders, rather than via cooking.

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  1. Laura Gliebe says:

    Your website is so helpful and easy to read! I have a friend and a sister who are newbie druids and I am recommending this site for them. So much clearer than elitist jerks and the other sites. Thank you so much!
    –“Kuttrozlok” [the rogue who previously knew nothing about druids]


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