7. consumables & gearing

7. Resto consumables, enhancements, and other resources

This section is currently To Be Written. For now, please refer to the wowhead guide for a discussion of consumables, enhancements, macros, & addons. 🙂

Consumables & other enhancements:


Macros & addons:


Raiding trinket general strategy by Lyx on the dreamgrove discord:

Trinket list:

Very good trinkets for their ilevel:

  • Flask of the Solemn Night
  • Chrono Shard
  • Unstable Arcanocrystal
  • Flat stat trinkets
  • World Quest stat sticks

Pretty good trinkets for their ilevel:

  • Eyasu’s Mulligan
  • Darkmoon Deck Promises

Trinket Options for gearing up (815 to 820 ilevel, based on Lyx’s recommendations):

Epic relics from raids:
Life: Knowledge of the Ancients >= Essence of Nordrassil > Armor of the Ancients >= Natural Mending Frost: Essence of Nordrassil > Armor of the Ancients >= Natural Mending

Rare relics: These dont matter that much, because ilvl > all. But if you were to have a choice, youd want any of these: Persistence, Grovewalker, Knowledge of the Ancients.

There is a chance from high mythics to roll epic relics with different traits than raid ones, in which case the 3 traits above are superior” – Lyx from Dreamgrove Discord

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