Shapeshift graphics 5.0

We now have four races of druids, each with different shapeshifting form graphics, colors, styles. However, you don’t get to choose your form colors and styles when choosing your race, so I wanted to make one place where all the shapeshift graphics for each race came together. So, click on each tab to see the graphics for that race:

New forms in 5.0 

  • Swim form (orca – with glyph)

  • Glyph of stars for balance druids who don’t want to be a moonkin (applies a spell effect to your current form):

Resto incarnation colors from mmo-champion. In order from left to right (Night elf, Troll, Worgen, Tauren):


One Trackback

  • [...] The color of a Night Elf or Troll Druid’s animal forms is linked to their caster form hair color. The color of a Tauren Druid’s animal forms is linked to their caster form fur color/skin tone. The color of a Worgen Druid’s animal forms is linked to the hair color of their human form. For a guide to the relationship between caster form coloration and animal form coloration, see the excellent charts prepared by Lissanna of Restonkin. [...]

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