Worgen Druid form colors

Worgen are the new Alliance race, and they can be druids when the expansion comes out on December 7th. Here is a preview of what Worgen druids look like in Beta as of 11/20/2010. Right now, they are using the Night Elf flight forms, but we have seen previews of what the Worgen flight form will eventually look like here. Below are the moonkin, tree, cat, & bear forms for Worgen. They are sharing the same travel & swim forms as the other races.

Here is the Worgen moonkin color. It uses the same model as the Night Elf form, but with different coloring.

The new worgen tree model has a very rustic “fall” feel. This graphic is active when you hit your tree form cooldown. If you don’t like this form, you can always pick up the Treant glyph that lets you change your tree form cooldown graphic back to the original tree form graphic.

The Worgen cat & bear form coloring is tricky. It is based on the HUMAN hair color (not your worgen form). However, in the barber shop, you can only see what your worgen form looks like. So, the below chart is more helpful for identifying the human hair color you want when you first create the character. In the barber shop, you’ll have to “fish” for the colors you want (though they should appear in the same order that I have below, if that helps).

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